Everyone loves a list. Here's one of my top 10 motorcycle rides.

Position Väg Land   Omskriven
1 Transalpina      
   Described as a Mecca for motorcyclists and it's not hard to see why with the lush greenery and fantastic view, long sweeping curves makes overtaking over slower vehicles a breeze even for the casual rider.
This is bike riding nirvana.
     Romania   2015
2 Durmitor National Park        
  The name Durmitor derives from a word that translates into sleeping place and riding through it certainly is quite a serene experience.
Breathtakingly beautiful sweeping roads through some of the most stunning nature Europe has to offer and still pretty unknown to most tourists this is a riders paradise.
  Montenegro   2015
3 Vršič pass        
  Just a few kms east of the Italian border this hidden gem dwindles it's way trough the Julian alps in Triglav national park.
Also known as Russian Road this road was built as a military supply route in the early 19th century following an old trade route.
With its stunning views of the mountains and twisty roads this is almost as good as it gets.
    Slovenia   2013
4 Trollstigen        
    Can't believe it took me that many years to do this.
I went down to the alps when I had this gem of a road just a days ride from home.
Littered with tourists in the peak season but still completely worth it for the amazing view.
  Norway   2013
5 Mortirolo pass        
  What a revelation compared to the somewhat overrated neighbouring Stelvio.
Comparatively low in traffic and longer sweeping curves in lush greenery.
What it lacks in views it more than makes up for in pure riding bliss.
    Italy   2013
6 Westfjords, Road 61        
    Almost devoid of traffic on the otherwise tourist swamped Island this fantastic mostly (well maintained) graveled road wriggles around the Ísafjarðardjúp fjord all the way out to Suðureyri on the west coast.
Scenic views you'll never forget and riding so good you'll have a grin on your face for days.
  Iceland lgflag   2014
7 Route des Grandes Alpes            
  Stretching from Lake Geneva down to the Mediterranean this 684km long road takes you through 16 of the highest and most beautiful mountain passes in Europe including Col de l'Iseran which with its 2764m makes it the highest paved mountain pass in Europe.
An unforgetable ride and a something every rider should include on his bucket list.
    France   2016
8 The road to Glen Etive aka Skyfall Road        
    Made famous to the wide public in the James Bond film Skyfall this hidden gem by the A82 in Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands is a road not to be missed.
The road doesn't have an official name and that's probably why it's still overlooked by a majority of travellers and is surprisingly (and luckily since it's single track) devoid of traffic it offers sublime riding and has picture perfect views that are so stunning they will quite simply break your heart.
  Scotland   2017
9 Nürburgring        
  Cheating? No the Nordschleife is technically a public toll road which allows anyone with a drivers licence and a road legal vehicle to experience the 20.8km "Green Hell".
It is stupid, very dangerous and wildly irresponsible. It will also bring a smile on your face a mile wide. If this doesn't get your heart pumping I'm sorry but you're probably dead.
    Germany   2012
10 Route de Presles        
    There's really nothing like a narrow single track road in the mountains with no guard rails to widen your pupils and narrow your sphincter.
Beautiful, adrenaline-pumping riding paradise.
  France   2016



Honorable Mentions