Day 14 Ilanz, Switzerland to St. Leonhard in Passeier, Italy

Monday  Dateicon  12.8.2018  Tigericon  320km Total:3299km Handlebaricon  5h30m Total:46h30m Feeticon  0.8km Total: 64.91km  Weathericon

With the amount of cash rolling out and the weather rolling in all the signs where telling me to get out of Switzerland.
I booked my next stay in Italy and I'm getting there through Austria and the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße.

It's overcast this morning and the weather deteriorates the closer I get to Silvretta.
It has started to rain even before I've paid the toll (€13.50) and as I ride under the barrier and up onto the pass the fog rolls in an lays a fuzzy quilt over the surroundings and the heavens open up in a drizzling rain.

I don't suffer through many kilometers of this until I spot a cabin by the side of the road which was unlocked (broken into actually but I wasn't picky at that point) as the rain is now hammering down.
In the hope that the weather would get better I eat a readymeal with a small forest mouse as company which was obviously just as fond of the weather as I was.
Unfortunately as the mouse remained and I had to leave the tactic didn't pay of for one of us.
If anything the wethear had actually gotten even worse during my stop and unfortunaly with it also the visibility conditions.

But as the cabin wasn't really suited for overnight guests (if you're not a mouse) the amount of options where pretty limited so I guess I was getting wet.
The rain droplets where so small it was almost impossible to keep the visor clear and even with the visor open I really didn't see much better due to the pea soup fog.
I would actually hazard to say that these where the worst visability conditions I've ever ridden in and I rode at a snails pace as I couldn't see the hairpins until I was in the middle of them.
I'm rarely afraid riding my bike but let's just say that the entertainment value was probably at an all time low at this point.

I made a quick stop at Bielerhöhe pass and snapped a picture of the dam before riding on.

On the other side of the pass the weather actually got a bit better and even though it's still overcast it stopped raining as I rode into Tyrol.

If it's actually raining as I ride onto Timmelsjoch is hard to tell as the humidity is off the charts, it feels like you would drown if you just rode with your mouth open for long enough.
The fog also reappears with a vengeance but at least it just covers the surrounding now so I can't see the view for shit, at least here  I can see where the road is.

At the top of the pass the weather is so bad I seriously start to reconsider my life choices but at least there a mouse-free respite in the form of a motorcycle museum with an accompanying restaurant.
There where some real gems in the collection and a whole department dedicated to Brough bikes to passing the time there wasn't hard.
The cup of tea I had in the restaurant thawed my soul.

Here the waiting game actually paid off as the rain has stopped and the fog has lifted somewhat as I ride under the barriers as Timmelsjoch too is a toll road but that expense is soon forgotten as I don't have to ride for long until I see what I rode here for.
I stop by the side of the road to admire the view and what a magnificent view it was.
To call it spectacular would be the understatement of the century, the view of the valley was enough to turn a heretic to religion.

The rest of the days riding was ecstatic all the way to St. Leonhard in Passier which was a post card picturesque village.

Laundry service at the hotel was non existent so yet again I need to do some laundry before heading out.
I resupply in a nearby store before finding a restaurant.
The fish on my plate must have felt right at home as the heavens let loose torrential downpour just as I got it on my table, it was hammering down to the point I had to move the table to the middle of the canvas they had over the veranda as the splashback peppered everything.
I don't think I could have gotten any more wet on the walk back to the hotel even if I'd stood in the shower with my clothes on.


Silvretta Hochalpenstraße and the dam at Bielerhöhe pass (2037m)

At the other side of Bielerhöhe the weather and the visibility improved

Timmelsjoch (2520m) and the museum

On the other side of Timmelsjoch

St. Leonhard in Passier was picturesque to say the least.