I know I tend to write this after every trip but this too was a fantastic journey.

I was a bit pissed with myself that I screwed up the route so badly distance-wise but everything is always about compromise.
Sure, I didn't really see anything except roads and mountains during the first week but man, what great roads they where!
I would have wanted to cut a single meter from those roads and if I where to do it all over again I can't say I would do it any differently.

Deciding to not go the original route down to Gibraltar was tough but that was just as much up to the sense of failure that I couldn't stick to what I've planned than the feeling of missing out on the destination itself.
It would probably have taken me 4-5 days of boring B-road riding along the coast (not ON the coast which would have made it a bit better) without any really scenic routes along the way.
Sure, I think it sucks I didn't get the bragging rights of Gibraltar but I think I had my priorities right and made the right choice.

When it comes to costs the accommodation on this trip was a fairly big part at about €60 a night but that isn't unreasonable compared to Iceland or the Balkans where it came to about €45 and on those trips I shared a room with Bear either on the whole trip or parts of it.
But I did spend more time than I usually do to find a reasonably priced room because Spain where I spent the most of the trip isn't a very cheap country to stay in.
One practical aspect of the trip was that it was very credit card friendly.
I brought along €200 in cash and when I came home three weeks later I still had a €50 note left.

The least affordable thing I bought throughout the whole trip was without a doubt breakfast at the hotels.
I paid €100 in extra fees where breakfast wasn't included and I hardly ate a thing.
If I just bring a pack of cereal along and make it so I'm self sufficient on tea and coffee on the next trip it'll be easy to save a bundle of cash.

The €200 in parking fees wasn't very fun but it was still money well spent for piece of mind.

I brought along 7 readymeals and heaters on this trip.
Obviously the scenery and surroundings make a big difference so I can't rule out that a plain cheese sandwich would have tasted like the Nobel Banquet where I sat in top of the Alps during the first week but all the meals were absolutely delicious.
Even if there where a lot more restaurants than I anticipated it was extremely practical being able to stop and eat absolutely anywhere.
The cost of about €7 per meal was also pretty cheap and in Switzerland that would have barely even covered the coffee.
If I've learnt anything it is that the extra weight is worth it, I'll probably bring along even more on my next trip.

The cost of tolls was pretty unexpected for me.
I obviously didn't think it would be free but the fact that I needed to pay for almost every meter of motorway I rode made it a pretty hefty sum in total.
Not least because of the ridiculous fee I had to pay in Portugal.
I lost count at an early stage because of the extremely frequent payments but a qualified guess is that it in total landed the wrong side of €100 and that's not counting the Portugal fee.

This is the first time I've had a cell phone carrier that has a data plan outside Sweden.
For about €20 a week I could text and call at the same rate as back home and I got 1Gb of data traffic.
So for the whole trip it cost me about €60 but for that money I could use my cell phone just as I would back home and the nerd in me really think it was worth it.
I almost think it was worth it just for the live traffic info with Garmins smarthpone link.
And being able to message my friends and family and keeping in touch on social media was very nice.
You're welcome to learn from my mistake though since the data plan didn't cover Andorra so I got €11 in roaming charges just for the syncing the phone did after I rode across the boarder from Spain until I turned it off.
I guess it could have been a lot worse since the roaming charges in Andorra with my carrier was completely extortionate, €20/5MB but it was a very unnecessary expense just because I hadn't read up.

That the average fuel consumption is almost a decilitre than on the Balkan trip is most likely up to the fact that there where a lot more mileage on motorways on this trip.
Speeds of 130km/h or higher takes it's tribute from the Tigers tank.
It also drank a bit more oil than usual during this trip but it wasn't more than half a litre on 7000kms so hardly worrying, surely just a consequence of a higher average speed and not least the heat.

Even though I can't help but think on the transport stints on the motorway that another (bigger) bike would be nice I needn't do more than turn of the motorway and on to a b-road and all thought thought quickly vanish.
Four years and 50000 kms later I'm still convinced this is the right bike for me.

Finally, let's crunch som numbers:

Total cost of fuel and accommodation.


Total fuel costs   €561
Cheapest fuel Spain €1.10/Litre
Most expensive fuel Sweden €1.48/Litre
Average consumption   0.58L/100km
Total cost of accommodation (excluding extra fees for breakfast and parking) €1056
Cheapest accommodation Inter-Hotel Gambetta, Grenoble France €37/Night
Most expensive accommodation Hotel 3K Madrid, Lisbon Portugal €84/Night
Average cost   €60/Night
Total cost of secure parking   €2012
Most expensive parking Exe El Coloso, Madrid Spain €15/Night
Cheapest parking Parking was included in three hotels 0:-/Night


Other costs.


Bridge fee Öresund bridge €26
Autozug Hamburg Altona - Lörrach Hbf, Motorbike + birth in shared five bed compartment €246.5
Autozug Lörrach Hbf - Hamburg Altona, Motorbike + birth in shared five bed compartment €246.5
Ferry Rödby - Puttgarden €56
Ferry Kiel - Göteborg, MC + enkelhytt €170
Vignette Switzerland