Day 3 Lörrach, Germany to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Wednesday  Dateicon  3.8.2016  Tigericon  413km Total:1286km

When the conductor with all the subtlety of an earthquake "knock" on the door at 6AM to deliver breakfast I haven't slept a wink.
I think the rocking motion of the train would lull me to sleep but every time I'm just about to drift of we meet another train which causes a howling werewolf sound or there's a turn in the tracks which almost jerks me out of the bunk.

Preben and Solveig delivers on the stereotype and pour themselves a couple of Gammel Dansk bitters for breakfast.
Although I'm of Danish descent I'll never be that Danish, I think I'll settle for coffee at this ungodly hour.

Debarking the train it's a cloudy morning but the temperature is alright and there's no sign of rain, pretty much optimum conditions for bike riding.
I head of to the first of today's alp passes, Susten pass.
The border passage into then non EU-member Switzerland was a breeze, they waved me through like a bad smell.

Right away it's obvious that Switzerland is a very beautiful country and even though Susten suffered from traffic it was an impressive ride.
Furka pass raised the bar yet another notch and if not the geographical high point of the day then it definitely was aesthetically.
I don't know if it's because of the never ending spruce forests of my native Värmland County but I just can not get enough of the mountains.

After a short boring haul it's time for the last pass of the day, the Forclaz which leads down to Chamonix where my next hotel is booked for the night.
What that pass lacks in scenery it more than makes up for in sheer riding pleasure, with its long sweeping curves it was a bikers nirvana and that's energy jolt was just what I needed because by now I'm so tired it's almost like every km causes me physical pain.
Even though I'm putting down all the fluids I can from both bottles and the camelbak I feel a slight dehydration headache coming and the last few km to Chamonix I'm blinking so much from tiredness I can actually feel tears trickling down my cheeks.
With all the great riding I've done today I don't know if I've ever been so glad to finally arrive at my destination as when I rode into the hotel Richemond parking lot.

I throw the gear in the room, haul my ass into the shower and hit the down to get some turbo-tourism done in the last dying daylight.
But I don't get further than the pedestrian street until I can feel my bloodsugar is down by my ancles, it's about 8PM and the last time I had anything to eat was lunchtime.
It's days like these that have made McDonalds one of the most successful businesses in the world because I felt like waiting more than five minutes to get a meal would mean certain death through starvation.

Dog tired, with a belly full of food and a head full of new impressions I actually surprise myself by walking straight past the pub next to the hotel and go straight to bed.


Susten pass

Furka pass