Day 1 Väse to Malmö

Monday  Dateicon  1.8.2016  Tigericon  521km Total:521km

Last years not so bright idea to hit the road immediately after clocking out from the night shift resulted in several days of migraine so I was in no great hurry to repeat that mistake again.
But on the other hand I didn't really want to "throw away" my first day of vacation either.
Thus a compromise, I slept for four hours until noon and head off.
Also in contrast to last year I had time to prepare the departure before hand so I'm already loaded up and on the road by about two.

An entirely uneventful journey the fastest and quickest route to Malmö with so few stops that for the first time ever I'm confronted with absolutely having to stop because I'm running out of fuel.

I looked for a hotel in Malmö for a long time because it was hard to find one with a garage, the first one I contacted had had theirs full for the last three weeks.
So I finally played a bit of a dirty trick on Best Western Malmö Arena and just wrote in the "information to the hotel" box that I needed space for a motorcycle and not necessarily a full parking space.

It paid off, checking in I was "the guy with the motorcycle" which apparently had caused a bit of a concern but as long as I was ok with parking directly next to the gate "where there isn't room for a car" then it was all right (I could have parked at least 4 bikes in that space), on top of that they actually discounted the parking.

I had planned this as a rest stop only so the location wasn't great, there really was f**k all to either see or do in the neighbourhood so I just took a short stroll and hit the sack.


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