Thursday  Dateicon  8.6.2017  Tigericon  0km Total:1510km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  7.28km Total:73.08km

Un f***ing believable.
The plan was to ride the steam train to Castletown with Nisse and Anders but the man cold has gotten the better of me and I'm completely out for the count so the guys will have to make do without me.
There no racing or practice today so at least I'm not missing out on that.
I'd rather rest up today than miss the racing tomorrow.

I stay in bed and rest up until early afternoon and then go on the hunt for some meds.
My nose is just flowing in a continuous stream as soon as I get out of bed so my hopes for a miracle cure weren't high but damn that was some god stuff I got hold of.
I feel a lot better by late afternoon so I take a stroll down to the promenade.

When the guys get back from Castletown we meet up and get supper together.


Friday  Dateicon  9.6.2017  Tigericon  27km Total:1537km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  2.61km Total:75.69km

The last day of racing.
Today they'll ride the TT Senior race which by far it the one that draws the biggest crowds of the week.

We decide that we better head out early to get a good spot so we arrive at our chosen location at Creg-Ny-Baa around 9AM.
This would prove to be a lot earlier than needed because the race is postponed twice due to the weather conditions.
It's well past noon when they finally start the race and they don't get to do more than two laps before Hutchinson goes down because of some kind of problem with the front wheel.
By this race's standars he's not severly injured (= he's still alive) but in reality he damaged the same that already was more metal than bone so a very sad end to the racing for Hutchy otherwise very succesful week on the Isle.

After clearing the track they restart the race but because time is getting short they shorten the race from six to four laps where Michael Dunlop eventually grabs his 15th Isle of man victory.

After the dare devil sidecars it time for the by far least crowd-pleasing race of the week, TT Zero, the electric bikes.
The development costs for a race bike in this class is astronomical so the field is pretty thin but I personally don't get the hate at all.
The current lap record of this class is 18.59 with an average speed of 192km/h so I really think they hold their own.

The Kiwi Anstey grabs the victory followed by Guy Martin who because of Hondas complete fiasco with the new Fireblade completes his only race this year.
Because the electrics sneak up on you without a lot of sound I didn't even get a good pic of one of my personal heroes but at least I've seen him race.

By now our stomachs are just screaming to be fed.
We get the latest lunch in history in Laxey where Nisse has led us because he wants to look at the waterwheel there before we head back to Douglas.
The Laxey Wheel, aka Lady Isabella (named after the wife of the governor at the time) was very impressive. Built in 1854 to pump water out of the mines.
The reason they built a waterwheel for this is because the Isle of man has no domestic coal production.
Fun fact: The Laaxey Wheel has its own song.


TT Racing Creg-Ny-Baa

The winner of this years Senior TT, Michael Dunlop

Michael Rutter. ended up in fifth but I have a soft spot for the gold BMW.

David Johnson on a Norton. Finished as number 7 but had the best looking bike of the race with the greatest sound.

There no doubting that Laxey used to be a miners town.

Laxey Wheel


Saturday  Dateicon  10.6.2017  Tigericon  0m Total:1537km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  14.03km Total:89.72km

The races are now finished and people have started leaving the island.
We mainly chill all day and do nothing more creative than shop, drink coffee and eat good food all day and it was pretty good.
I've heard somewhere that this is what normal people do on their vacations.

When the evening comes we meet up with the rest of the SMC gang for a going-home dinner at the Italian restaurant Alessandros.
The food is good and everybody's enjoying themselves and having a good time right up until it's time for the formality of payment.
Me, Nisse and Anders had eaten here previously and where almost lynched just because we wanted to split the check three ways.
So I pretty much already knew what was coming when we wanted to split a check for almost £500 18 ways.
Saying that it all turned a bit sour might be the understatement of the year.

The turn of event displaying after that was completely farcical, threats and insults are hurled back and forth like a game of tennis.
All while a young waitress who is actually doing her best to solve the problem is nearing a nervous breakdown at an alarming rate.
I have to admit I actually though the whole spectacle was quite entertaining, although I in now way could rule out the possibility of it all ending with the manager calling the constabulary.

We do manage to resolve the situation eventually (without involvement from the boys in blue) and we're ready to move on to a pub for a small digestif.
The inside was packed to the rafters so we're left with the outside seats which means I'm freezing my ass off (as per usual) so I settle for just a Guinness before we head back to the homestay.
Considering the whole group had a mandatory assembly in Castletown at 9.30AM the next morning I wonder if I few of the rest of them might not have wished they'd done the same.


This is the state of the pits after a fortnight of rain.

The George Formby statue in Douglas. Formby cemented his place in the Manxers hearts with the movie No Limits from 1935.

I don't think the bike is very fun to ride but whoever rides the sidecar sure has it pretty cozy.

Dividing the check 18 ways took a bit of calculation.
Fredrik the guide borrowed someone else's glasses.
He said it was because he needed them to read but I'm not ruling out that it was tactics so he would be harder to identify if we needed to make a run for it.