Monday  Dateicon  5.6.2017  Tigericon  0km - Total:1419km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  7.18km Total:53.1km

We really have nothing planned until after noon when the races are on so me, Nisse and Anders just stroll around in the pits.
A bit to long it would seem because we had planned to get to Braddan bridge for the race but we don't get farther than at the bottom of Bray Hill when we are ushered off the "track".

Since we'd already been at Bray Hill (even if it was further up) we decide to go at least a bit further even though with the main road closed it would mean a considerable detour.
We don't make it farther than Quarterbridge where we decide to pay the £4 entrence fee to a spectator spot on a hill by the road.

It was money well spent since it was a good spot with a nice view of the run up to and ride through a wide corner so it was a good opportunity to see the differences in track positioning and cornering technique.
As fate would have it at about the same time the race is on so is another bout of migraine and this time it's a real knock-out.
I take my meds but it has absolutely no effect and for every bike that rides past I'm just feeling more and more queasy.

At the finish of the Supert Sport race and at the start of the Sidecars I just can't handle it any longer, I need to get my head down.
Unfortunately I'm well experienced about these things by this point in my life so I stop by McDonalds on the way back and get a load of nuggets and a Coke, if this one is as bad as I think it will be it's likely it'll be the last thing I'll be able to keep down for quite some time.

I make my way back to the homestay and get horizontal with the worst eye-pain I've felt in a long time.
Imagine that someone is hammering annealed nails into your skull through your eyes and that you have a clamp around your head that's being tightened with a power drill that's pretty much what I'm feeling when I get bad migraines.
One things for certain, when the time comes and I'm knocking in the gates of hell I already know what's waiting for me inside.


TT Supersport Race

TT Sidecar Race

Tuesday  Dateicon  6..6.2017  Tigericon  0km Total:1419km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  3.12km Total:56.22km

The migraine is relentless, I can't get out of bed and I'm completely exhausted because the migraine creates a catch 22 where it feeds itself when the meds don't take sleep is really the only thing that can break the cycle but they pain in my eyes are so severe that I can hardly get any sleep.
Now the pain is like someone is using an annealed nail in my eyes like you would stir a pot and I'm nauseous just to the point that I manage not to be sick.
I must confess that I felt pretty sorry for myself where I lay in my misery.

I doze of from time to time during the day with one last try with the meds (which must be strictly rationed because of you overdo it they will cause migraine instead of relive it) and finally it relents and by nightfall the pain subsides.
By now I haven't eaten anything for twentyfour hours so I go for a sure thing, Duck at The Rock restaurant down by the promenade.

I had eaten it before when I was there with Nisse and Anders and with the sauce basically being jam it's just what the doctor ordered, migraine is an extremely diverse and individual disease but for most sufferers sweet things helps with the nausea and so it is for me as well.

By pure chance I meet Fredrik, Jonas and Kent sitting down at the next table from them so I switch over and get dinner companions.
After a delicious meal we head back to Woodburnes pub which is pretty much the next house over from where I live for a small digestif.

Even if I should know better I can't resist a half pint of Guinness.
My head could probably do without the alcohol but my body can definitely do with the calories after twenty-four hours of starvation.

Wednesday  Dateicon  7.6.2017  Tigericon  91km Total:1510km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  9.58km Total:65.8km

This is getting ridiculous. There must be some greater being on this Island that's really out to get me because finally free from the damned migraine I wake up to the mancold from hell.
But a cold I can live with so that doesn't stop me from going with the guide and the rest of the gang to a spectator spot at Cronk-y-Voddy (how did they come up with these names?).

We're standing by a farmers entrance to a field during the Superstock race and after a couple of laps I've managed to crawl my way to a sitting position right by the road.
I definitely now have a front row seat of the bikes coming over the brow with their front wheels off the ground at 200km/h.
It's fascinating to see the control they have on the bikes in completely insane speeds.

After the race the guide takes us to Niarbyl Café by the sea outside Dalby where we get tea/lunch with a spectacular view.
I kept sightseeing to minimum though because the wind was chilly as hell and by now my nose is running at pretty much a continuous flow.

After lunch the guide has another little gem in store, a waterfall outside Glenmaye.
A nice stroll through beautiful woods and since we've ridden away from the coast the wind has died down.
This almost enchanted forest was a stark contrast to the otherwise pretty barren landscape on the Island.

After the waterfall the rest of the group intend to head back but we have other plans.
Nisse has read up on the Island and Milners Tower seems like it shouldn't be missed so that's where we're heading.
Jonas, Jan and Per tag along for the ride.
They might have regretted that decision a few times a long the way since my GPS leads us onto a rather interesting path with gravel and grass scattered across the road which was in pretty bad shape and was pretty much like a washboard most of the way.
The entertainment value was sky high on the Tiger but I can only assume that it wasn't all that great on sports bikes.

Along the way we come across another strange tower which turns out to be Cross Vein Mine.
I can't resist stopping to take some photos before we continue on to Milners?

The trek upp to Milners Tower was steep as hell, in retrospect it was completely worth it in that moment, with cardiac arrest imminent and snot spraying like two fire hoses out of my nose I wasn't all that inspired to be honest.

TT Race Cronk-y-Voddy

Niarabyl Cafe

Glenmaye Waterfall

Cross Vein Mine

Milners Tower and the view from the tower