Day 3 Harwich, England to Douglas, Isle of man

Thursday  Dateicon  1.6.2017  Tigericon  422km Total:1290km  Ferryicon  #3 127km Total:772km  Feeticon  3.62km Total:8.19km

Another moving day and this time it's very important that we arrive at the ferry terminal on time since the Steam Packet ferry that will take us to Isle of man have been fully booked for months, missing that would be nothing short of disaster.

We made the decision yesterday to travel in pairs so it's me and Nisse again today and since we agreed to travel at about 130km/h it doesn't make much of a difference settling for 70mph.

Rather devoid of inspiration we get lunch at McDonalds but I have a feeling we're going to get our fill of fish and chips the rest of the trip anyway.
The miles roll on but I find it a bit hard trying to adjust to the traffic rhythm since the Brits don't seem to respect the speed limits to any great extent (apart from the stretches of road with average speed cameras).

We cross the width of England without incident and roll into a sea of bikes parked at the pier in Liverpool where we arrive with plenty of time to spare.
I will be a while until the team is assembled as one of our group suffered a mishap when we where boarding in Holland, his bike was stone dead.
The diagnosis fell on a dead battery and it was harder than you might think to get hold of a new one in Harwich.
The succeeded eventually but the 45 minutes of charging must have seemed like an eon with a boat to catch.
There was a backup plan to leave the bike, move the gear onto another bike and ride as a passenger with one of the others but fortunately it wasn't needed.

We wait at the pier for a very long time until we board the ferry.
Fortunately at least the sun is shining, more like scorching actually but rather that then rain.
I was strange riding on board the "car deck" of the ferry because for once this was a transport tailor made for motorbikes, here the other vehicles (which weren't many) where the exceptions.

Unfortunately my life companion migraine had creeped up on me while we waited on the pier so I quickly get something to eat and find a spot where I can take my meds and rest on the crossing.
The seas get worse and worse the closer we get to the Isle and the scorching sun we had in Liverpool has given way to dark clouds and rain.
Eventually the boat is rocking in the ways to the extent that the pieces of rope the used to fasten the bikes feel like they're never going to hold up and I've almost convinced myself that the worlds most expensive game of domino is being played on the car deck.

But considering that this boat does nothing else than shuttle between the Isle and the mainland I guess one should trust that they know what they're doing and as far as I know there weren't any damages reported when we rolled of the ferry in Douglas at 10.30PM in complete darkness and drizzling rain.

We've already gotten the address for where we're going to stay so I'm followed by Nisse and an older gentleman from Dalarna named Anders who's staying with the family the next door over from us.
The confusion was great when we roll in to the correct street but can't locate a single number on any of the houses.
Luckily for us the women in whose house we're staying was out walking her dog so that problem solved itself rather quickly.
Anders hostess comes out into the street as well so it was a warm welcome all around.

We unload the bikes and hit the sack.


Harwich ferry port

Liverpool ferry port

On board the ferry