Day 22 Onich to Glasgow

Tuesday  Dateicon  20.6.2017  Tigericon  309km Total:3990km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  12.51km Total:167.73km

Since I did Skyfall road yesterday I just press on down to the A85 towards Oban.
I've chosen a ridiculously long detour to Glasgow but it's totally worth it, as soon as I leave A82 for A85 the road gets so twisty it almost unscrews my head.

From Oban south it gets a bit boring again to skyrocket in entertainment value on the A83 along Loch Fyne.
The miles disappear pretty quickly but still I don't arrive at the Onslow Guesthouse until about 6PM.

The very first thing that happens when I get there is that the man in reception who's basically a baldy dwarf with pretty obvious cognitive issues tells me that "that's right, you're the guy whose room is flooded".
Of course his overall appearance have no great significance but the fact that my accommodation, which I spent long and well looking for with absolutely no backup plan has no room for me.
That those news are delivery by Quasimodo in the most incomprehensible accent in all of the British Empire just turned the whole situation completely surreal.

I don't know how Quasimodo expected me to react to this news but it seemed like it came as a complete surprise that I actually did expect to have a place to stay for the two nights I had booked.
He then starts to call around to other places he knew of, seemingly at random and eventually he gets me a room at the Alison Guesthouse in roughly the same neighbourhood.

I ride over to Alison and is met by a man called Kenny but I will forever remember him as the real life incarnation of Basil Fawlty.
One of the first things that happen is when told that I come from Sweden he asks me if I'm from the Flemish part?
He just waved it off when I told him his geography was a bit off so I still don't know what he meant, perhaps he meant Scania?

And throughout the whole stay he persisted in calling me Thomas even though I pointed out that my name is Tommy no less than three times and just to be extra clear I even showed him the exact spelling on the helmet but no, my name was Thomas.

I got the only room he had left which was a family room, the building must have been ancient because the room was huge and it had a really weird bathroom solution.
The bathroom was like a box put in the corner of the room and the walls of the bathroom didn't extend to the ceiling in the room.

There was a bit more logistics involved since Alison didn't have parking so I had to ride back to Onslow and park and walk from there but after that I hit the town.
I'll admit I wasn't in the greatest of moods but that changes quickly because I don't get farther than the Cathedral and the Necropolis and I'm overjoyed.

The cathedral was obviously closed but the Necropolis where for obvious reasons still open (not many cemeteries close since the residents are sleeping the long sleep anyway).
A cemetery from 1832 with 3500 monuments spread over 15 hectares, I know it's a bit macabre but I love this sort of thing.
I couldn't have been more bleakishly beautiful if Tim Burton had been the architect.
I'm inevitably drawn to places like this and probably spent a couple of hours just walking around which made my dear brother question whether "I really need a hotel room since I might as well just hang upside down in the nearest attic".

After that I headed further into town but didn't manage to get more sightseeing in than the town hall until it was time to get something to eat and head back to the hotel.
I really never ventured outside the touristy parts and I have to say it felt like there where a lot more druggies/homeless people per m2 than in any other larger town I've been in.
It might be that Trainspotting colored this opinion so I just noticed it more than I usually do but I don't think so.

P.S. I didn't know it at the time but the fact that I paid the same at Alison as I would have at Onslow meant I payed more than the standard fee at that place, £90 for two days instead of £60. seems totally fine with that and the review I wrote was removed (which is the fate of most negative reviews on that site so beware, I'm sure even the shittiest rathole on the face of the earth has overwhelmingly positive reviews on that page).


The view on the beach of Onich hotel

Somewhere along the A83

Glasgow cathedral

Entrance to Glasgow Necropolis.

The cemetery was originally intended to be a crypt since it was built at a time when grave robbing was a full time occupation

Charles Tennant 1768 – 1838 founded an industrial empire based on bleaching powder

Monument of John Knox and the reformation (he isn't buried here)

All parts of the cemetery wasn't in equally good order

Dr Livingstone I presume?

Glasgow City Hall