Day 21 Applecross to Onich

Monday  Dateicon  19.6.2017  Tigericon  301km Total:3681km  Ferryicon  Total:441km  Feeticon  4.19km Total:155.22km

I've messed up my route somewhat by doing Skye yesterday but I'm glad I did because today the weather is extremely... Scottish.
The third time across Applecross wasn't much more fun than the other two times but I guess that's a bit colored by the former stated.

I head straight east towards Loch Ness and the riding isn't either inspiring or scenic but at least the pace have picked up considerably with it being two lanes.
Since there isn't much to write about the riding I can instead take some time to write abit about the signs posted at the side of the road.

E.g. they have large LED-signs by the roadside at alot of places where there's probably meant to be current road condicions but when there isn't anything in particular to write they use them to make other motorists aware of motorcycles.
For example: Allow motorcycles to pass safely, Look once, look twice, think bike and Look in your rear view for motorbikes.
I can't remember any time in history when the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) did anything for motorcyclists accept accuse them of reckless riding and speeding.
I'm impressed.
(A couple of days later I saw a reality show on tv where the stats for accidents in Britain was that bikers are 17% of casualties even though they're only 1% of the motorists.
The same numbers for Sweden is that we're 7% of the motorists and 1% of the casualties.
The unfortunately conclusion of that must be that for the Swedish Transport Administration to take biker safety seriously more of us have to die.)

Also on the single track roads there's a notice from the police to not hinder traffic and use the passing lanes to allow overtaking.
Another more humorous aspect of the signs is that all the signs for places that ends with ferry end with (no ferry).
I think it's so hysterically funny I almost run of the road every time I see it, I mean who the hell drives down somewhere to look for a ferry if you don't know beforehand that it's there and where it takes you?
Is there really a need for that kind of information?
A similar use for additional info on signs might be on the Swedish Moderate (conservative right) party who call them selves the "New Swedish workers party" might add (not a workers party) on their posters.

Just as I turn onto the A87 I spot a castle just beside the road that I can't resist taking a closer look at.
I turns out to be Eilean Donan Castle, a picturesque little (as castles go) castle from the 1200:s.
Self declared as the most photographed castle in Scotland.
It was well worth a visit so not to diminish the castle as such but I do think the location might help.

I get lunch at McD:s in Fort William (no fort haha) and I don't linger because I involuntarily get accompanied at my table by an Indian family among which was an old spinster who spent the whole of my dinner vomiting loudly in her own mouth.
I already had a bit of a migraine coming on with the accompanying nausea so it certainly didn't do any wonders for my appetite.
I take a dose of medicine and ride on.
I arrive early at check-in at the Onich Hotel but I spend the wait in the hotel pub drinking tea so it wasn't bad.

I get my room at 3PM and immediately commence operation dry.
Considering my choice in hair style it might come as a surprise that I'm always overjoyed to find a blow-dryer in my hotel rooms but that is a bikers best friend.
My riding shoes are completely drenched as per usual and I haven't had any feeling in my feet since sometime this morning.

A change of socks and a pair of dried shoes later and everything seems all the brighter, not only has the meds killed off the migraine, the clouds have dissipated and the sun has come out.
I haven't seen a sky this blue for at least a week!
I can't resist getting back on the bike and head of to something I hade originally planned for tomorrow, Skyfall road.

A road in the Glen Etive valley, an area so scenic that apart from being in the Bondfilm Skyfall it's also been the location for scenes in Gladiator, Sherlock Holmes and to no ones surprise: Braveheart.
Oh my god what beautiful scenery and the riding is mind-blowingly amazing.
Even though it's single track there isn't much traffic considering how well know the road should and the traffic there is drive sensibly and with respect.
That the sun is shining from a clear blue sky probably adds to the experience more than a little but this riding was almost spiritual, those people who only drive/ride to the Skyfall-location to snap a picture and then head back to the main road are missing out big time.
I literally ride to the end of the road before I turn around and head back because I wouldn't want to miss out on a single meter of the ride.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the Skyfall selfie going back and I'm not ashamed to say I probably wasted half an hour waiting for just the right moment running back and forth to the camera with a max delay on the shutter of 10 seconds.
I don't do selfies very often but when I do I'm in the major leagues, it must have been absolutely hilarious for any onlookers.


Applecross. Third time's the charm?

Eilean Donan Castle (no photography allowed)
Fun fact: The castle has amongst other things been the MI6's Scottish headquarters in the Bondfilm The world is not enough (with a few extra antennas) and as home for the clan MacLeod in the movie Highlander.

Loch Ness. Yes it's just a lake and no, I didn't see the monster

Glen Etive, mind-bogglingly beautiful

Skyfall, Glen Etive. Here's what I tried my best to copy