Day 2 Kiel, Germany to Hook van Holland, Netherlands

Wednesday  Dateicon  31.5.2017   Tigericon  598km Total:868km  Ferryicon  #2 204km Total:645km  Feeticon 2.82km Total:4.57km

With our numbers and with a strict schedule scenic routes are out the window, the quickest and fastest route is the order of the day which of course means the soulnumbing Autobahn.
The miles disappear rather quick and it's a good thing since we have a lot of them to do, there's about 600kms to the next ferry over to Harwich.

The next meet up is at a Japanese restaurant at the ferry terminal we arrive an hour and thirty minutes ahead of the agreed time at 8PM which had a large margin to the departure at 10.30PM.
But I'd rather have a lot of time to spare than miss the ferry because of some mishap along the way, I'd probably done the same thing even as a solo traveller.

So a few petrol stations later and a lunch at an Autohof we eat dinner at the Yamasaki restaurant in Hook of Holland.
The let us on the boat early which is nice because absolutely regardless of how well I've strapped down the bike I'm never entirely satisfied.
We don't have a lot of downtime on this boat either since we need to get up at 5.30AM in order to get breakfast before disembarking.

So we just grab a beer in the bar and share a few biker stories before we hit the sack.

Meet up in Kiel

...and another before riding onto the ferry in Hook of Holland