Day 1 Väse to Göteborg

Tuesday  Dateicon  30.5.2017   Tigericon  270km Total:270km  Ferryicon  #1 441km Total:441km  Feeticon  1.75km Total:1.75km

By my own standards I get up early but still lazy around because the weather isn't biker-friendly at all.
I'm not supposed to meet up with the rest of the gang on the ferry terminal in Gothenburg until 5PM so it's not like I'm in a hurry anyway.

This is the first trip I'm not travelling entirely by my own accord because I've booked a trip with SMC Travel to the Isle of man TT-Races.
I started planning this trip in February and realized early on that's when I should have started planning... if I had intended to go next year.
After checking the cost of accommodation (where prices of around £100 per room and night for homestay wasn't extraordinary) the SMC felt like a good deal, not least since they where kind enough to deduct the costs of the ferries I wouldn't be returning on because I intend to keep travelling around the Isles when they're heading home.

I finally head out in the rain and the whole trip is pretty much and orgy of boredom, 2/3 in it's practically a monsoon.
I stop for lunch at Vårgårda Rasta and there I can pour about a decilitre of water out of each boot, I really need to do something about that because I'm completely dry apart from that.

After I've finished my lunch and still have plenty of time until the meet up I use the hand dryer in the bathroom so dry my socks and shoes.
Considering that it's still pouring down it's pretty futile but at least I was a bit more dry a very short while.

I ride the rest of the way and meet with a rather large crowd on the terminal even though I was pretty early, in total we'll be 22 travellers and they seem like nice guys and girls all around.
After riding onto the ferry and checking in to the cabins (which I'll be sharing with a guy named Nisse from Vasteras which I'll also be sharing a room with on Isle of man) we meet up in the bar where we introduce ourselves to each other and our guide Fredrik tells us about the rest of the route and about what's going to happen when we get to the Isle.


Obligatory before picture.

Ferry terminal in Gothenburg

Interactive map of my route in the Furkot planning tool.
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