Saturday  Dateicon  4.8.2012  Tigericon  0Km

The starts off with a consultation with Thorsten followed by a trip to "Obi" (pretty much like Home Depot) where we got some rubber boots to adapt to the present conditions.
The staff told us that they'd shipped a container load of boots to Wacken already so there weren't a lot to choose from.
So it wasn't a big surprise that they where out of my size but I'd rather wear three pairs of dry socks than one pair of soaked.

Despite the detour we still make it to the Delain gig.
The other gigs we say throughout the day where Gamma Ray, Axel Rudi Pell, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Testament, Scorpions and Machine Head.

We also made a slight detour to the Rote Kreutz because the Bear managed to push an ear-plug into his brain.
The nurse asked him if he really was sure it was an earplug and not a piece of electric cable.
They must really have seen it all working the nurses station at this festival.

Between gigs we met a German girl named Inga who very generously disturbed korn-schnapps from a bottle she'd brought along.
A very charming albeit a slightly mysterious woman who had managed to find her way into the festival grounds despite not having a ticket and with a one litre bottle of schnapps despite a total ban on glass.
Glass was on the other hand something that was completely lacking in her spectacles which where branded with "Real 3D".
Vielen dank Inga for helping me keep a new years resolution that I was going to get drunker this year than last.

We threw in the towal after Machine Head and as the last notes of Davidian where dying out we left the festival behind us for this year.
There was a mix-up with Thorsten as we couldn't find him at what we had perceived was the agreed pick up spot.
When we'd waited around for a while I called him up and asked if he was running late but no, since we hadn't been at the exact location we'd agreed he'd already went back with a car-load of people.
He graciously agreed to come back for us provided that we'd be at the exact location.
As far as I could tell we'd been no further than 50 meters from the spot so I think we'd have seen him bit I fully understand that 4 days driving drunk rockers around takes its toll on a mans patience and it probably isn't getting any better as the years go by.
He's a good guy Thorsten. Stern but fair.

All in all it was a good year at Wacken despite the weather.
Thorsten offered to store our boots in the garage until next years festival so even though we hadn't said so yet they're obviously counting on us coming back (which we will).

Todays depth of mud: 10-15cm



At least we where lucky with the weather?

Paradise Lost

That Bears are suckers for blueberries is just a myth, their real cuisine of choice is "Crepes mit Nutella und banane".

Testament, a fantastic gig. The Intro to The evil has landed sent shivers down my spine.

Inga, a real morale-booster.

Wasteland warriors

Machine Head

Delain Gamma Ray Axel Rudi Pell Paradise Lost  Moonspell  Testament  Scorpions Machine Head

Sunday  Dateicon  5.8.2012  Tigericon  0km

A much needed rest day.
We slept in forgetting that breakfast was early because those checking out today (which was everyone except us) need to be checked out at 10.30AM.
So when we came stumbling down the hall like freshly risen zombies the breakfast was long since over but Doris hadn't put anything away so we where still welcome to sit down.
A bit of V.I.P. treatment to start of the day.

We booked the hotel for our next destination Berlin at the Alsterhof but after that we needed to do a really tedious chore.
Our shoes where still completely caked in mud and the rain gear and the boots looked like we'd been in a trench war since yesterday so we borrowed a bucket and brush and started scrubbing away.
After a couple of fresh buckets of water the gear was almost clean.

We asked Doris if she could do a machine load of clothes for us but understandably she really had enough on her plate already with all the linen and stuff from all the departed guests.
Even so she took pity on us and did a machine with the stuff that was worst of since the festival so we'd at least make it to Berlin.
It was our own fault really for not asking about it earlier.

After a little downtime on the room (it was a rest day after all) we take stroll through the village to get some fresh air and in search of some supper.
We stumble upon a greasy spoon kind of place and get some fast food.

We wandered on and find a place with real class with an open air café by the canal and with the sun out it was stunning.
I got myself an apfelstrudel with custard and an assortment of goodies for dessert, it's really one of the best desserts I've ever had.
The Bear got ice-cream and a bit weary from the festival and for his health's sake he ordered an Alsterwasser (Alster-water).
The menu was a it confusing so he thought he had ordered mineral water.
The look on his face when the waiter put a pint of beer in front of him was absolutely priceless.
I got an Erdinger weissbeir for dessert to my dessert.

Back at the hotel we spend the rest of the evening preparing for tomorrow departure and watch a movie on the laptop.

It's a dirty job...

Apfelstrudel und bier bitte.

Monday  Dateicon  6.8.2012  Tigericon  350km Total:1290km

We leave Julianka right after 10AM and head for Berlin, unfortunately that meant another ride through Hamburg but we got through ok.

We made a few uninspiring stops along the way on the Autobahn but about 120kms from Berlin we just happen to run into a couple form Scania heading towards Austria on a Honda with which we had a nice talk.

We always do this and yet again we ride into a major city at peak traffic but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

At a lack of options we needed to use the hotels laundry service despite the cost being a real bitch slap.
A bag full of laundry cost me €54 but at least the room was pretty cheap because of a "renovation discount" so in total we got out of Berlin ok cost-wise.
Unfortunately the renovation included the garage (how you go about renovating that I don't really understand) so we had to scope out the neighbourhood in search of another place to park and eventually we found a garage.
The payment system was extremely confusing though so we're either getting out of it really cheap or it will cost an arm and a leg, I really don't know.

We hit the town with the tourist map unfolded and went via the Soviet War Memorial to Unter den Linden and Brandenburger Tor.
On the way back to the hotel we went by Checkpoint Charlie.

Despite a gloomy forecast we didn't get a single drop of rain all day but I suspect the room while soon have sub-tropic climate after Bears turned into a laundromat.


Soviet War Memorial

Brandenburger Tor

Checkpoint Charlie