Thursday  Dateicon  16.8.2012  Tigericon  650km Total:4330

The marathon-leg to Rostock and the night ferry to Sweden was for the most part extremely uninspiring riding on the Autobahn with the usual pileups.
What we learnt along the way is that the few petrol stations scattered along the motorway the so called Autohofs are suitably distanced for German saloon cars with 70L fuel tanks and not mid class motorbikes laden with ridiculous amounts of gear.
Well, the first mistake just took us through a village in the boondocks and cost us about 20kms.

The second one got a bit interesting when the GPS calculated a route along a road called K27.
For those not in the know the main German roads are called A something, A10 etc. and the smaller ones are called B something.
Now if someone were to say that the road surface quality is graded alphabetically then I would think it absolutely feasible that the "road" we ended up on had the K-label.
I guess the K stands for "katastrophe".

The road just deteriorated worse and worse until we were riding on cobblestone which (just for the hell of it?) was sprinkled with sand.
The Bear who's green menace has a slightly worse tank range than the Tiger was now gesticulating furiously that he was running on fumes.
Fortunately the petrol station at this point was just around the corner.
By then I had already started translating useful phrases in my head like "that's a beautiful banjo but could you possibly spare some petrol".
Fortunately we'd calculated with a worst case scenario so despite our little excursions to the countryside we still got to the ferry port with an hour and a half to spare.


Rostock ferry port and strapping down the bikes on the ferry.


Friday  Dateicon  17.8.2012  Tigericon  550km Total:4880km

We rolled off the ferry around 6AM and the one who was the most homesick took the lead which meant the Bear.
When got coffee along the way we compared notes and about the time Bear had thought "oh, how beautiful Sweden is" I had thought "those god damn speed cameras are absolutely everywhere".
Luckily none of them caught us and the rest of the way went without incident and admittedly in beautiful weather.

We've already bought tickets for Wacken 2013 and Doris have already confirmed our booking at Julianka som the planning for next years trip have already begun...


Some cars where blinking the high beams at me as a salutation to a happy tax-free customer.