Day 2 Svalöv, Sweden to Hamburg, Germany

Monday  Dateicon  30.7.2012  Tigericon  400km Total:870km

Reveille at 7PM. We leave the hotel right after 8 and the weather is gloomy and grey.

The weather clears kilometre by kilometre and on the Oresund bridge it bright sunshine and unlike last year the visibility is excellent and the view is stunning.
I really like the feeling when riding under the blinking sign saying "last exit in Sweden", it really feels like I'm on the way at that point.

Since none of us had studied beforehand and are just as geographically challenged we where both equally surprised when we rolled into Rödby ferry terminal, I didn't check the route after punching in the destination, I'd just assumed we'd go overland and the Bear had come to the same conclusion.

Not that it mattered really, the ferry was 380DKK which felt quite alright compared to the bridgefee of 200DKK, we got to rest a bit and had lunch while moving along so it was for the best.

We made a few shorter stops along the way in very uninspiring Autobahn rest stops.
We where lucky with the weather for most of the day but the last dozen kms before Hamburg the heavens opened up on us.
We where drenched like rats in a sinking ship so I felt nice finally arriving, checking in and getting a warm shower.

We went out and ate supper at a place called Alex.
It has a very nice location right by the water by the Bitten-Alster (the smaller part of the Alster lake in Hamburg).
The Bear had a beer with the food which he regarded as the not overly appealing "slimy and filling".

After supper we wandered around aimlessly in town to the extent that it took us 1.5 hours to find our way back to the hotel (Bears don't ride taxis as a principle).
So to the total mileage of the day I think I can at least add a couple of dozen kilometres...


The (surprising) ferry terminal in Rödby.

It's said that everything fair in war and love. There's one addition to the rule: if you're a biker and need something dried anything goes.

The "slimy and filling" beer didn't feel very appealing at all. I think I'll stick to Weißbier.