Day 1 Väse to Svalöv

Sunday  Dateicon  29.7.2012  Tigericon  470km Total: 470km

Departure at 8PM or soon thereafter. Stops along the way for food and coffee in Mariestad, Jönköping and Ljungy.
Mosty dry throughout the day but raining from Ljungby to the hotel.

Absolutely amazing roads from the E4 and to the hotel, not a straight piece of road for the last 20kms and scenery like an enchanted forest.

We at supper at the local Thai restaurant.
We ordered a small digestif at an open air belonging to a pizzeria but they pretty much threw us out right after serving the drinks so I'm not sure what that was about.

Back at the hotel we planned for the continuation of the trip and booked the next hotel which is to be two nights at the Suite Novotel in central Hamburg.


The absolutely necessary "before" photo.

The Hotel in Svalöv was a real fairy tale castle.