Day 2 Kvidinge, Sweden to Owschlag, Germany

Monday  Dateicon  1.8.2011  Tigericon  486km Total: 926km

We trod along nicely during the day and a bit blasphemously only use my parents homeland Denmark as a lunchstop.
Obviously at a sausage restaurant even though I can't recall if any one of us had the red delicacies.

We've set the destination for today at Owschlag because it's home to a renowned biker-stay called Dannevirke.
However we didn't book in advance and to our disappointment the staff that we scared half to death when we finally found in the laundry-room tells us they're fully booked.
But she also tells us that the guest house that's pretty much next door might have a room.

Said and done, we walk down to the Landhaus Hentschel (which I think translates to something like the Hens country house or something like that) and ask if they might have a room for the night.
There was and when we ask for secure parking she offers her own private carport.

It has been the subject of many a conversation afterwards but my possibly hastily thought out theory to the unusually friendly way in which we where treated is that we only asked for one room even though we where two guys and didn't even ask for (it slipped my mind at the time) how many beds where in the room.
I don't have a lot to back my theory up other than the fact that her terrier threw a fit of rage when we inspected the carport and she just casually explained that "it hates men" like it was the most natural thing in the world.

In conclusion I think she liked women and drew the conclusion that we probably played that side too, whoever drew hasty conclusions we'll probably never know and it really doesn't matter because we got a good stay out of it even if it meant lying head to foot in a double bed.
Since we were tired after the days riding we didn't explore the village any but instead opted to get supper in the guesthouse's own restaurant.
I though I embraced the local cuisine plenty when I got a schnitzel but Bear went full native and got some called Saurfleisch (which directly translated means sour-pork).
I don't think he knew at all what he was in for but he took it real well when the waitress brought him what looked like spam inside a large gelatin ball.
He gave it the review edible but considering how hungry I was at that time I have serious doubts about how edible it really was.
During dinner we got to talking to a some other bikers from Scania so the topic was a given, and the mood didn't get any worse by the complimentary kornschnappses we got after dinner.


We didn't get far outside Sweden until the first pileup.


The parking guarded by a dog that hates men.