Day 1 Väse to Kvidinge

Sunday  Dateicon  31.7.2011  Tigericon  440km Total: 440km

We had decided that we'd meet up at the local petrol station and depart at 8AM but one of Bears panniers was of a different opinion with the lock refusing to cooperate.
I instead ride up to the Bear-pit and act as moral support during repairs.
It turns out to be a relatively easy repair and even though we're a couple of hours late departing it really doesn't matter as we have no set destination or mileage for the day.

We stop for coffee at a rest stop in Mellerud and a couple of other places to stretch our legs and the whole day flows uneventful.
We decide to start looking for accommodation around 6PM at a major rest stop somewhere in the outskirts of Helsingborg.
Some people had obviously made this place their home judging by the laundry out to dry and the families with somewhat turbid DNA which made it feel like a priority to come to a decision rather quickly.

We've brought along a guidebook from the Swedish Motorcyclist organisation SMC and there find a place called Tomasdals hostel.
We call them up and get the reply that we've more than welcome to stay.

The final stretch of road to Tomasdal is without a doubt the finest riding of the day and the hostel gives an immediate good impression with its grand location surrounded by open farmland.
Since we didn't have any supper we're not late to reply to the offer to share a meal with our hosts along with a local brew.

After supper we go for a dip in the pool.
For "just" being a hostel it sure had all the creature comforts.


Ready to depart.