Thursday  Dateicon  9.8.2018  Tigericon  0km  Feeticon  5.74km Total:279.60km  Weathericon

Today I have my sight set on Cathedral Island, the oldest neighbourhood in Wrocław.
On the way I can't help but walk around the National Museum as it was a strikingly beautiful building, it was like a castle in the middle of town.
It was also mostly covered in vines which just made it all the more appealing.

The obvious destination on cathedral island is quite obviously the cathedral, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław.
This is the fourth church built in the same location, there have been churches on this spot for so long that one of them have been razed by the Mongols of Djingis Khan which really must be some kind of achievement.
The building itself is amazing and every chapel is like a piece of art.
You could buy a ticket for one of the towers here as well and even though the temperature is a bit lower today I'm still thankful there was an elevator as the towers are almost a 100 meters tall.
The view was obviously stunning with a view of all of Wrocław and the Oder river.

By this point clouds have darkened the sky and I'm getting hungry so I take refuge in Lwia Bramas open air restaurant just down the street from the cathedral.
I haven't been sitting there for more than five minutes when it starts hammering down to point that I have to pull the table closer to the centre of the canvas to avoid getting wet and there's quite the light show going on with thunder and lightning as well.
It was almost a bit weird after a whole month of practically nothing but scorching sun every day.
I linger at the restaurant with a digestif and some tea trying to wait out the rain and eventually it dies down.

I walk back down to the old town and wander around pretty aimlessly until I get supper at the Freda restaurant by the market square.

Fun fact: Nicolaus Copernicus have lived on cathedral island.


The National museum

Oden river

The Cathedral

St. Elisazabeth chapel inside the cathedral.

Amazing woodwork at the altar in the cathedral.

The view from the tower

Church of the holy cross

Cathedral island

Friday  Dateicon  10.8.2018  Tigericon  593km Total:5848km   Weathericon

The miles roll by pretty nicely for the better part of the day as it's mostly 140km/h dual carriageway.
Even though it's incredibly boring riding it's still great to actually be moving along compared to the endless villages of Romania.
Since I'm on the night ferry I'm not in any hurry and can make frequent stops along the way.

I arrive at the ferry port at about half-past six and get to talking with some other Swedish bikers at the docks.
They had been riding around Poland on bigger adventure bikes and were curious about my trip so we traded experiences.
And finally I got the question I've been dying to get since I plastered the top box full of flags.
-"Is that all the countries you've been to?"
So that I could reply:
"No, but it's the countries I've been to with that bike."
I know it's pompous as hell and the guy is well within his rights to hate my guts but damn I still think it's hilarious.
I guess I'm just an a****le. Smiley

Onboard the ferry I do the usual rounds through the taxfree before heading back to the cabin for some much needed sleep.
It's wasn't an easy task as the cabins on the Stena Spirit obviously have walls made of papier-maché, I could pretty much hear every single word of my cabin neighbours (despite earplugs) which might come to think of it testify more to the people than to the cabin as the sound level was about that of a burning henhouse.
After the hundred eleventh roar just as I'm about to drift into blissful sleep I completely lose it.
It turns out that Jesus Christ, will you shut the fuck up shouted loud enough will break through even the thickest of language barriers.
We went from being able to make out every single spoken word to that the only thing I heard from my neighbours for the rest of the trip was a stifled cough.
In my defence I'll say that by now it was about 1AM but I realize it's getting harder and harder to disprove that I'm not in fact an a****le.


At the docks.


Saturday  Dateicon  11.8.2018  Tigericon  445km Total:6293km    Weathericon

It is ridiculously cold as I disembark the ferry.
14ºC is pretty stark contrast to the temperatures I've had the rest of the trip but at least it's not raining.

The miles disappear nicely with the usual stops and I park the Tiger in it's lair at about 4PM.