Monday  Dateicon  6.8.2018  Tigericon  479km Total:4748km  Feeticon  2.0km Total:264.71km  Bordericon #9 1h.10m Total:13h50m Weathericon

The day starts with great riding in Transylvania but as soon as I'm down from the mountains the village grind start again.
And the ride doesn't get any better by the fact that the Romanians drive so incredibly bad they give the Albanians a run for their money as the title of worst drivers in Europe.
The Albians are still the worst I've ever seen but the Romanians have suddenly become strong contenders for the throne.
The super aggressive driving of the Russians wasn't entirely without talent but after riding here for the better part of two days I refuse to believe there is any driving test requirement at all.
There are super spontaneous evasive manoeuvres all over the road regardless of lane, panic breaking down to a complete standstill coming up on a turn and when I eventually get to more industrialised parts of the country I come across the absolute most pathetic driving behaviour I've ever seen:

Romanians can't cross a rail road track at speed, it's like it a Roma curse over them alternatively they all think their cars are made out of glass.
The quality of the crossing doesn't matter at all, most of them aren't any worse than back home but still all speeds above 5km/h where out of the question.
Even the SUV:s did this and cues of cars for >100m for a perfectly normal rail road crossing was the norm.
I revoke the manlihood of all Romanians solely because of this because it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

At the border crossing to Hungary I'm being deep fried by the sun as per usual and it got worse by the fact that now I'm back in the EU I though this would just be quick formality.
It most definitely wasn't, it took me 70 minutes of heatstroke to get through.
It was quick through the actual checkpoint but the cues went on forever.
The reason it took so long I now know is because Romania has entered the EU but isn't in Schengen.

On the other side of the border the average speed picks up and there's even a stretch of dual carriageway.
I didn't get a lot for my money though as I had to get a Vignette for Hungary and the kms I rode on roads that required one wasn't many.
But I didn't wan't to hassle with routing detours just to avoid them just to save €12.

Hotel Ambassador in Košice was a very nice surprise and due to its near perfect location along the main drag I actually got to see some of the city even though I arrived a bit late.
They actually fired up the hotel restaurant just to make me supper, that level of service isn't very common.

There where endless rows of open air restaurants along the main street Hlavná with St. Elisabeth Cathedral right in the centre.
It seemed like a really nice place that I'll have to try and return to but as it is I'd rather press on and unwind in Wroclaw before taking the ferry back home.


Lunch near Tarcal, Hungary. It's an ocean of sunflowers as long as the eye can see.

Horrible pictures of St. Elisabeth cathedral taken in the dark with my cell phone.

I can't eat ice cream but even if I could I wouldn't be particularly tempted by what is quite clearly a rabies infested mouse.

Tuesday  Dateicon  7.8.2018  Tigericon  507km Total:5255km    Feeticon  2.73km Total:267.44km  Weathericon

The miles chomp along slowly at first, by now I'm almost daydreaming of a wide open highway.
But the last stretch in Slovakia is great riding, very nice roads through beautiful landscape with mountains in the distance.

When I get near Krakow I finally hit the A4 and even if it isn't very inspired riding 140km/h dual carriageway is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the miles.
I ride the highway for the rest of the day but still don't arrive at the hotel until about 6PM.
The whole day is entirely uneventful apart from a farmer who had spread particularly potent pig dung on his fields, I don't think I've ever been so close to vomiting in my helmet and that's bearing in mind I've been forced to ride despite head-splitting migraines on several occasions.
Jesus, that stank lingered a long time, It was so bad you could almost taste it.

I allowed myself a stay at Radisson Blu for the last hotel of the trip and after installing myself in the room and doing the usual cleanup I get dinner in the hotel restaurant before taking a stroll down to the old town and the Market Square which is about a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel.
I really don't know what else there is to see here, the old town is really the only reason I went and despite it being pretty dark by the time I get there it totally delivers on my expectations.

Open air restaurants scattered all around several large and open squares surrounded by buildings straight out of a Disney film and the old townhouse is a piece of art.
I manage to find an Irish pub and spend the rest of the evening over a Guinness and a wee dram.


Stará Ľubovňa, Slovaka about 10kms south of the Polish border.

Wrocław market square

Wednesday  Dateicon  8.8.2018  Tigericon  0km  Feeticon  6.42km Total:273.86km  Weathericon

I really squeeze the last out of the vacation by going down for breakfast and then going back to the room to sleep for another couple of hours before hitting the town.
I stroll back into the old town and among the first things I see is a dwarf statue.
After some research it seems that the dwarfs are plentiful around Wrocław and there is a great number of them scattered across town.

The old town with the market square is absolutely magnificent and you kind of know it's going to be when the new town hall was built in 1860.
The old town hall smack in the middle of the market square is a wonderful building, practically a piece of art.

I walk further down to St. Elizabeth's church and buy a ticket for the tower.
Man, what a mistake!
It's about 30ºC, almost no ventilation and 300, I repeat, 300 steps to the top!
Quite honestly I think I might have died and my brain just hasn't registered it yet.

The view was stunning though so after hyperventilating for quite some time it almost felt a little bit worth it after all.
After pouring myself down the stairs in a haze of dehydration I sit down at an open air café by the square that was so hipster you couldn't tell the difference between the staff and the hobos zig-zagging between the tables asking for handouts.

After a long break I drift around in old town before getting a great New York Steak at Steak n' Roll with all the beverages such a delicious piece of meat deserves.


Dwarfes, I found far from all of them.

Market square and the old town hall.

St. Elizabeths church and the view from the tower.

Mary Magdalene church