Day 3 St. Petersburg

Sunday  Dateicon  15.7.2018  Tigericon  0km  Feeticon  20.63km Total:20.63km  Weathericon

My head is still pretty foggy but it's a bit unclear if the dehydration has now transitioned into a migraine or if I haven't manage to drink enough despite having drunk like a camel since I got here.
Anyhow, I didn't get to Russia to lie in a hotel with a migraine so I'm hoping I'm still just dehydrated as it's by far the easier to remedy of the two and will simply just have to drink a lot during the day.

I start off by heading to the closest of the obvious sights which is Smolny cathedral.
It wasn't exactly richly decorated but it was very blue and it was a nice view from the tower.
From here I walk to The Church of our savior on the spilled blood.
Now they've obviously had a larger expense account because now where talking grandeur.

After that I had my sights set on a museum of Soviet arcade machines but that was in cordoned off area for some kind of FIFA-festivities.
(There's some kind of ridiculous sport being played here that does not involve any kind of engines or fuel and is thus utterly uninteresting to me.)
The entrance was free but I had a multitool in my backpack that wouldn't make it through security and witch my complete lack of interest in the whole thing I probably would have stuck out like a sore thumb anyway.
I get a bite to eat at a steakhouse before moving on.
The detour past the cordoned off area was brutal but I make it to Saint Isaac's Cathedral and it was well worth the walk.
It was also money well spent to go up to "The colonnade walkway" but man my legs were killing me after more than 200 steps.

At the other side of the cathedral there's a park with a bronze statue called the Bronze horseman of Peter The Great on horseback.
Legend has it that as long as he stands there looking out across the river St. Petersburg will never fall.
During the siege of Leningrad the statue was protected by sandbags and wood during the 900 days of bombing and it got through it pretty much unscathed.

By now I'd already walked 15kms so I take a long break in the where I sum up yesterdays experience in the blog and after that I got a ticket for the hop on/off buses.
Even though the tour didn't do much for me I will be able to use it as a mode of transport tomorrow as it's a two-day ticket.

It was too late to ride with the bus back to the hotel so I had to leg it again but by the grace of god I stumble upon an Irish pub.
After a pint of Guinness which was surprisingly cheap at R400 the rest of the way was a lot easier.
It was obviously pretty stupid as the migraine still lingered but the Guinness didn't really feel like it did any more damage.
And to be honest doesn't a Guinness count more as a meal anyway?

Today's weirdest encounter: A Hare Krishna canal boat.
People actually pay to be brainwashed by a sect on their vacation.

The fact that there was no breakfast at the hotel doesn't deter the well prepared (yes, I actually brought my own tea).

Smolny cathedral and the view from the tower.

Citywalk in St. Petersburg.

The Church of our savior on the spilled blood

Saint Isaac's Cathedral and the view from the walkway. The weight of the gate is 20 tons.

Bronze horseman. Peter The Great.

Pictures from the tour bus.