Day 3 München, Germany to Trieste, Italy via Großglockner

Wednesday  Dateicon  12.8.2015  Globeicon  Countries: 4  Tigericon  450km Total: 1420km

Reveille is at 6AM so we start to pack up our gear and get ready to disembark.

One of our more experienced travelling companions tells us not to hurry because the train will stop at Munich central station first for ten minutes until it continues to our stop which is Munich Ost.
Upon arrival we need to walk a bit and wait for the vehicle carriages to come.

We disembark in good order and reload our gear so we can get on our way.

A couple of hours into our ride in the middle of Sonneberg forest the lack of sleep catches up with me and hits me full force.
The fact that I skipped sleep after finishing my graveyard shift and got very little sleep on the train has made me so tired I get to the point where I don't really care any more if I crash the bike as long as I get to shut my eyes for just a couple of seconds before the bang.
The rhythm and riding line is completely off so even the bear can clearly see that there's obviously something amiss, we stop at a rest stop  in the woods and I explain to the bear that I seriously doubt that there are any legal substances that will keep me upright through this whole day.

He suggest that I stroll up into the woods and find a clearing where I can rest up for a half an hour and I'm quick to take him up on the offer.
The rest was obviously desperately needed since I can usually only sleep under absolutely optimal conditions and wake by the sound of a pin dropping but this time I don't even notice that he walks up on me so he snoozes himself for another half hour before waking me.

I feel like a new man, I'm enjoying myself again and instead of suffering through every rotation of the wheels it's fun to ride once more.
We press on towards Grossglockner and just before riding on to the pass we stop to eat lunch at Wasserfall, the same place we stayed the last time we where here.

We were here really late the last time so I got to be darker than a sack of coal before we had ridden through the pass so we where pretty stoked to get to ride it again in daylight.
Riding over the pass I can see that last time had it's clear advantages with the almost complete lack of traffic which is definitively not the case this time around.
Still, it was great ride.

We arrive late in Trieste so unfortunately we don't really have time to explore this city at all. We just grab a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant before hitting the sack.


Sonnenberg. I wish I could take credit for the photo of the creek but that gem is Bears handywork.


Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

The highest point of Großglockner, Edelweißspitze (aka Bikers Point). 2571m.

Nach Italien!