Day 21 Sibiu, Romania to Transalpina loop

Sunday  Dateicon  30.8.2015  Tigericon  369km Total:6397km

A good nights sleep worked wonders on my head. I still have some remnants of the migraine but this is a chance that might only come along once in our lifetime. We go for it.
The Lady turns us loose on our own again.
This time around I accept no excuses as to why the bear shouldn't lead and let the animal loose on his asphalt pray.

The traffic density on Transalpina was nothing compared to the Transfaga, there are plenty of options to overtake slower moving vehicles and the roads are absolutely sublime with long sweeping curves, this is my idea of riding heaven.

Still I can't help but wonder riding along in all that lush greenery on a road so flat you could calibrate a spirit level where exactly that mountain we're supposed to cross is located and if we shouldn't start to climb soon, this is after all with it's 2145m osl the highest drivable road in all of Romania.
...and then we stepped onto the first step of the stairs.
It was hairpins en masse but still bot closer together than that you did get the opportunity to accelerate and overtake and then the magnificent view appeared on the ridge like a kiss on both eyelids.

We've talked about it during the trip, compared to what we usually ride back home which is dead straight roads lined with fir trees on this trip it feels like we've most of the time ridden against a backdrop of mountains in the distance which we never seem to get to.
But now we seem to have arrived amongst those silent giants up in the clouds and the beautiful secrets they hide and it defies all description.

Occasionally you get to a road where you think, that this, this must be it, this is the best road there is.
But still some time later you stumble upon yet another one of those hidden gems, that road winding road with no traffic and a view worth dying for.
So probably somewhere out there, there's a road better than this and I will gladly make it my mission in life to try and find it but until that day I will remember this.

In a fit of complete euphoria we ride down to Novoci and get lunch, that we have to wait an hour to get the food doesn't matter today, we have plenty of impressions to digest in the meantime.

From here we head back to the hotel and pick up the Lady for some supper at Sibiu town square.



The obligatory "motorcycle against exotic backdrop"-picture

Heading back to Sibiu