Day 17 Thessaloniki, Greece to Sofia, Bulgaria

Wednesday  Dateicon  26.8.2015  Globeicon  Countries:13  Tigericon  305km Total:4844km

A pretty uneventful transport to one of the trips more pleasant surprises. Sofia was without a doubt a place where I would have liked to spend more time than we could.

Even if the touristy stuff flew past pretty quick with the highlights being The Alexander Nevski Cathedral, The Saint Sofia church and a monument to Soviet warheros (which they savagely had converted into a skatepark, Stalin is probably spinning in his grave) the city gave a very nice impression.

We got some coffee at a café just behind the cathedral, after Milano probably the best view I've ever had over a cup and eventhough it was horribly expensive by Bulgarian standards it was worth every penny.

We had supper at a place called Krechme Divaka, I don't rember what it was called but it was some kind of beef stew with mashed potatoes.
It was alright but admittedly not a very memorable national dish.

All the more memorable on the other hand was the national drink of Mastika which is a Bulgarian variant of Ouzo.
It could be had as two different kinds, with anise or mint. We obviously got both (it's a dirty job...)
The mint one tasted of mouthwash but oh my god, the anise-variant was a real treat, it was like having the inside of your mouth tickled by a licorise-feather.


Alexander Nevski cathedral.

Saint Sofia church.

One fruit sallad to rule them all.

Monument for Soviet warheroes.

I really regret not getting hold of this heavenly nectar.