Day 1 Väse, Sweden to Malmö, Sweden

Monday  Dateicon  10.8.2015  Globeicon  Contries: 0  Tigericon  514km Total: 514km

Due to the fact that it took a lot longer than expected to mount our last minute order of tires I haven't had time to pack when it get off my last night shift at 7AM.

I'm pretty much throwing my things into the panniers so I can get going and meet up with the bear around 9.

We discuss along the way what we brought on the trip and when comparing notes I realize that I forgot my IDP.
No major harm done since Mrs Bear can bring it along when we meet up with her in Pristina.
Apart from that it actually seems like I got everything I need.

The ride is pretty uneventful and I'm keeping myself vertical by consuming rather unhealthy amounts of coffee and energy drinks.

I obviously should have done a more careful checkup on the bike sooner but as it is I didn't notice until I put the rear wheel back on the bike yesterday that there's no chance the rear brake pads are going to last the entire trip.
So we do a quick stop at Triumph Malmö but since no one seems to keep anything in stock these days we leave with unfinished business.

We arrive in the docks of Malmö in good order and take a stroll in the are that can boast of a beautiful view of the Öresundsbridge and the architecturally avant garde building Turning Torso.

After dinner and beer in the hotel restaurant that's definitely all she wrote for me, it's time to hit the sack.



This is how we rode.
Balkan map

Obligatory "before" photo.

Malmö docks

Turning Torso

The gateway to the world, Öresund bridge