The gear

The "What a lovely day" setupschuberthc3


Schuberth C3 Pro helmet with Schuberth SRC Bluetooth communication system

Schuberth say it's the most quiet helmet ever made and with the windscreen spoiler attached I'm starting to reap the benifits.
Long highway stints without earplugs still get annoying but overall I'm very happy with it but I had one drawback.
The standard helmet-speakers on the SRC-system wasn't great for music, after all it is an intercom system.
I bought a pair of Sennheiser MM60 headphones cheap of eBay really cheap because the cable was broken (which I didn't need anyway) and cannibalised the speaker elements and soldered them to the SRC.
A pretty easy but clearly noticable upgrade.
It's the second helmet I've done this to as I upgraded my previous Nolan N-Com system with speaker elements from a pair of Koss Porta Pro's.
Any flat speaker elements and just basic soldering skills are needed to do this upgrade.



badlands pants badlands jacket


Klim Badlands Pro jacket and pants

Klim Elements Short gloves

Klim Adventure gloves

It became almost impossible to keep hydrated on the Balkans trip with temperatures in the +35°C range almost every day so I got hold of a Source Widepac hydration bladder in Greece which is fitted inside the jacket, the badlands come ready for Klims own hydration system but I think pretty much any hydration bladder will fit.
Klim gear is pretty expensive but considering the varying conditions I've ridden in thus far (with Iceland standing out by a wide margin) I really thought it would be worth paying a bit extra if it means I don't have to stop and put on rain gear at the sight of clouds in the distance.
The fact that the packing becomes lighter is obviously also a bonus.
Klim has the Gore-Tex "Guaranteed to keep you dry" warranty on their products which seemed promising.
But after riding through some torrential rains the first season the pants started leaking at the "manly parts" which was not a very pleasurable experience.
I sent the pants back to Klim and after about a month I get notified that they are sorry the pants weren't up to the job and that there's a new pair of pants available for pickup at my local supplier.
Despite the price tag that kind of service really makes you think the gear is worth it.
It's the first jacket I've owned with a breast plate but that's not the only thing that makes it really feel like proper armour and that it will protect you should the worst happen.
That's not something I ever hope I'll put to the test though.




Sidi Mythos riding boots

These are said to be waterproof and I'm pretty sure they are since my pant leg is so short water actually pours down into the boots and that water never gets out.

I really need to do something about that.







The "How did I get myself into this mess?" additions


Keis X25 heated jacket

Was reluctant to buy this because of the pretty hefty price tag but I'm very glad I did, all I had under this on the whole Iceland-trip was a longsleeved T-shirt and it keept me warm and toasty even in temperatures around +-0°C.

The weather on Iceland was pretty horrible at times but this made the diffence between rembering that trip with a smile instead of a shiver.












Alpinestars Tech 3 riding boots

I bought these for the Iceland trip.
The first time I rode with them I had to constantly check the gear indicator while shifting because I couldn't feel what I was doing at all.
The rear brake application also was more of an on/off sort of thing, it felt like riding in slalom boots.
I eventually got a feel for it and the offer very good protection for active riding but it's nothing I'll use for longer touring.
They kept my feet dry for all of the two weeks on Iceland but when we got to the Faroe Islands it's like they just said "I've had enough of this waterboarding bullsh*t, f*ck this!" and started letting every single drop of water through.
In their defence it was absolutely hammering down most of the time and they're not waterproof, they're water resistant at best.












Da real MVP

Portable 12V water boiler, used to create the elixir of lifewaterboiler