Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 2003

Owned 2007-2011  Honda Motorcycles logo
Manufacturer Honda Motor Company Ltd
Assembly Hamamatsu, Japan
Color Black
Engine type Water cooled 742cc 4-cylinder SOHC V-Twin
Engine power 60bhp (44.1kW) @ 7500rpm, 62Nm @ 6500rpm
Transmission 5-speed, multi-plate wet clutch
Frame Tubular steel
Front suspension 43mm teleskopic fork, 220mm suspension travel
Rear suspension Pro-Link with stepless preload setting, 214mm suspension travel
Brakes Front: double 276mm discs, 2-piston calipers. Rear: Single 256mm disc, single piston caliper
Wheels Front: 21" aluminium rim, Rear: 17" aluminium rim
Tyres Front: Michelin Anakee 2 90/90-21, Rear: Michelin Anakee 2 140/80-17
Fuel capacity 23 litres
Oil capacity 2.4 litres
Seat height 860mm
Dimensions LxWxH: 2320x905x1430mm
Weight 205kg (torrvikt)


The Modifications aka The meaning of life

MRA Variosceen tall windsceen Garmin logo        Remus Sortexaust logo
SW Motech crash bars  
Acerbis hand protectors  
Motrax LED indicators  
Garmin 660 GPS  
Touratech lockable GPS mount     SW Motech logo       Touratech logo
Remus race exhaust  
Kappa 40L panniers  
Givi 45L top box  
Givi side carriers  
Oxford Products HotGrips heated grips     Acerbis logo       oxfordlogo
      MRA logo       Motrax logo
      Givi logo       Kappa logo


Tyres: This wasn't a very educated choice at this point as I really had no eperience at all. The Anakees did pretty much what I wanted them to do but they where definately very asphalt biased.

MRA Varioscreen tall windscreen: Got if off eBay. OEM windsceens are genrally crap and Honda is no exception. It got the job done without ruining the look of the bike.

SW Motech crash bars: A sound investment. It was a heavy beast with a high centre of gravity and now that it's sold and exported I can admit that I had it on its side more than once.

Acerbis hand protectors: Vanity, nothing else. The OEM protecors aka Micky Mouse ears where ugly as hell.

Motrax LED indicators: Sure they gave better visibility than the OEMs but I would be lying if I said it wasn't about the look.

Garmin 660 GPS: My third Garmin unit. The first I had on this bike was a Zumo 550 and compared to that the 660 was a huge upgrade.

Touratech lockable GPS-mount: Ok, so some of Touratechs products are ridiculously overpriced and some you could even debate the justification for at all. That is not the case with the GPS-mounts, there is nothing on the market that does it better.

Remus race exhaust: It is and always will be about the sound but I did get the carbs rejetted and had it on a dyno and it did get a little bit extra grunt as a result.

Kappa panniers: They where already on the bike when I got it but they where ok on this bike I think although I'd never go back to plastic panniers again.

Givi top box: Since I already hade the panniers I had to get a top box in the same styling. It definately didn't look very good but it had a lot of room. I also built a LED break light for it.

Givi side carries: On the bike when I got it.

Oxford hotgrips heated grips: First batch I got and have used them on both this bike and the XC, it's a nice bit of kit with better output than most if not all OEM solutions.