Day 3 Wacken festival

Thursday  Dateicon  1.8.2019  Tigericon  - km Handlebaricon  -h-m Feeticon  5.45 km Total: 14.92km  Weathericon

Another change from previous years is that they hade fairly recognizable acts on wednesday as well but this is still the first "real" day of the festival.
There's nothing on a continental breakfast I can eat so I slept in and decided to eat when we got to the festival.
But depending on how you look at it I guess you could call the Fireball we had before we entered the grounds breakfast.
After giving the Fireball some rice and chicken as company we do a lap of the merch-street before the first gig of the day.

We make our way to the Louder stage and Versengold, a German band which I guess is a kind of a folk-rock band, at least that's the best description I'm capable of.
Regardless of what you call it it's catchy as hell and the audience response was completely unbelievable for a band at Wacken that's isn't really metal.
It was definately the first time I've seen a nyckelharpa (keyed harp) at Wacken.

After that we just needed to move one hop right to the Harder stage where Beyond the black was about to play.
A flock of dorks found some people similarly challenged and formed a mosh-pit right in front of us but fortunately tired quickly.
I have no idea what they had smoked or ingested because I'm a fan of the band and it was a nice gig but mosh-pit material it certainly is not.

The gigs where pretty much back to back today so we head straight for the Faster stage and the next gig.
Krokus played classic rock in it's most refined form and you really can't fail with that recipe.

Hammerfall on the other hand at least fail to impress me every time I hear them, I just don't get them at all.
But it's a Swedish band so I guess it's our patriotic duty and Bear likes them even though he wasn't impressed by this particular gig either.

Next up is a band that hit me like an adrenaline-injected side of beef right in my face when I first saw them at Wacken in 2011.
Airbourne is a show not to be missed and they certainly delivered this time as well.
Joel O’Keeffe is not only a skilled master on the guitar but also plays the audience like a finely tuned instrument.
It was a real crowd-pleaser and an awesome gig.

The last show of the evening was with our Swedish heroes Sabaton.
The expectations where high as Sabaton had both the Faster and Harder stage at their disposal for an anniversary show and as far as I know no band has ever had two stages for a gig before this.
We where just lucky to have chosen the Faster stage as that's where the show actually was, on the Harder stage Per Sundström (the base player) had a short monologue and few former members of the band showed up around mid gig  but apart from that nothing very interesting happened on that stage so the people who hade squeezed to the front of that where probably pretty disappointed.
Even though we had expected a bit more of show it was a great gig musically and Swedish Pagans with Tina Guo as guest was awesome.

Last night we took a taxi back to the hotel but tonight we had arranged a pick-up from Thorsten.
We could have saved ourselves the trouble as he was a no show.
The taxi was €30 compared to the €20 we pay Thorsten so there and then we decide to opt for a taxi back the rest of the festival.
On the one hand we won't have to conform to Thorstens rather pressed schedule and on the other we won't risk having to share the ride with the Franschhhischhhhiskaner-Norwegian who as far as I know still manages to get absolutely shit-faced every day.
The advantages for Thorsten is that now he's doing everything by himself and is pressed for time he doesn't need to waste any by showering if he's driving that clown around, when the inevitable drunken conversation starts he'll be completely awash with both narcissistic delusions and saliva.


One of the security checks

Food court.


Beyond the black



You really get to see everything at this festival.


Versengold • Beyond the Black • Krokus • Hammerfall • Airbourne • Sabaton