Day 1 Väse to Göteborg

Tuesday  Dateicon  30.7.2019  Tigericon  275km Handlebaricon  3h30m Feeticon  - km Total: - km  Weathericon

An absolutely tear-jearking reunion with my brother from another mother (ok, that might possibly be a mild exaggeration).
The Bear has been a granted a temporary leave of absence from his dad-duties and joins me once again to reconquer the holy Wacken lands for the festivals 30th anniversary.

The journey to Gothenburg was an absolute orgy in dullness but at least it was good not riding alone.
We had lunch at a pizza-place in Mellerud which was the only stop we made on the way down.
The weather was just perfect, no rain and not exceedingly hot.

I just hope we'll get something along those lines for the festival as well.
We get to board the ferry in plenty of time before departure which is good as the Bear and I are very much alike in that if there where no time restraints we would probably spend the entire sailing on car deck tightening just a tiny bit more and adding just one more strap to fasten the bike.
We settle in the cabin and hit the tax free before finding a bar to compare gigs for the festival.


Meet the new Tiger, not the same as the old Tiger.