Day 5 Dettifoss to Stornutjarnir

Friday  Dateicon  1.8.2014  Tigericon  212km Total:1003km

Consuela keeps up the style and right at breakfast asks, You don't eat pie yesterday! Sorry for cream! You want pie now?! You eat pie now! I get pie. There wasn't even a microseconds pause after the question, I mean who want's apple-pie for breakfast? Seriously?!

First stop of the day is at a petrol station, but on that short ride the heavens give birth to a torrential rain and I'm soaked right through to my underwear. Not the best start to the day. Filled up with petrol and suited up in raingear we make our way to the Kafla geothermic power plant. We had set our sights on some kind of guided tour but had to settle for pictures and video but the coffee was fresh and free so that totally made up for it.

After our mini-tour of Krafla the rain stopped and next stop is just across the road on Namafjall geothermal field, I could fell the smell seeping in to my full-face helmet already from the ringroad. As soon as I got my helmet of the smell hit me like a punch, the air was so thick with sulfur you could almost taste it in your mouth. We make our way round but at the end of it I really had to pick up the pace to get away from the place before adding to the already acidic content.

We head off for the Grjotagja-cave, as a Game of thrones fan this was right at the top of my to-do list since this had been featured in the series. Apparently a lot of the footage from beyond the wall was filmed in the Myvatn area. It was time for lunch so we had our premiere of the field rations we had brought with us, you just put the bag of food in a heater bag, add some water to start the process and wait twelve minutes and voila, no matter where you are you've got a warm meal. We had brought enough of these with us to have them for lunch every day of the trip and it wasn't only practical seeming how prices in Iceland seems to rise exponentially it was a pretty cheap meal too.

Off we go to Dimmuborgir, as a metalhead this was extra cool there being a well-known black metal band of the same name. The place Dimmuborgir (which translates to the dark castles) is according to Icelandic folklore the entrance to hell. The weather had taken a turn for the worse again so with the dark skies above it really set the tone, it really was a dark and mystical place and a truly spectacular experience.

We continue our lap around the Myvatn (midgewater) lake before trailing off to Godafoss waterfall. Godafoss translates to waterfall of the gods gets its name because one of the founding fathers in the Icelandic Allthing threw his remaining relics of the Norse gods into the waterfall after converting to Christianity. Truly a magnificent sight, worthy of gods. It wasn't far from here to where we where going to stay for the next couple of days, Hotel Edda Stornutjarnir (about €135 per night including breakfast). We had opted to stay there for two days since we where going to spend the next day in Husavik, riding Icelandic horses and whalewatching.


Krafla geothermic power plant

On the way to Namafjall geothermic field (photo by Bear, Gopro helmet cam)



Grjotagja cave

The Swedish chef, cooking up dinner

Ready to head off to Dimmuborgir

Road to Dimmuborgir


Riding from Dimmuborgir to Godafoss waterfall

Godafoss waterfall