Day 20 Faroe Islands

Saturday  Dateicon  16.8.2014  Tigericon  260km Total:4398km

After breakfast I go to work on my soaked boots (it rained the whole day yesterday) with the hotel blow dryer and after a very long time I finally get them dry.

We head out for the northeast part of Eysturoy and the weather is if anything even worse than yesterday
It's pouring down and my formerly known as dry boots are soaked completely through before the first stop of the day.
For the second half of Iceland it had rained for at least some part of every day and the constant raining just got to me and gradually ground me down.

Every trip has a low point and here I hit mine with an earthshaking bang.
I'm wet, I'm cold and it's so foggy I'm completely oblivious to any kind scenery, I just feel like we're riding just for the sake of adding mileage which does absolutely nothing for me.
Thank god Bear is a patient man because I went on an absolutely pitiful whining rampage and all but called him a complete idiot for wanting to continue riding under these conditions.
But that's the great thing about riding with a friend, we never hit our lows at the same time so the other will always be there to provide a kick in the ass when one is needed.

He convinces me that we at least should ride to the northeast part of Vidoy which is as far east as you can get without taking a ferry. We ride out and on the way back we stop for lunch at a restaurant in Klaksvik.
I immediately take refuge in the bathroom trying my best to save my poor feet from trench foot and with the help of massive amounts of paper towels, a pair of dry socks and a couple of plastic bags my feet are at last happy and dry.
On the way back to Torshavn, the completely unexpected happens.
The rain suddenly stops, the fog and the clouds let up and joy of joys: sunshine!

This completely flips my mood, riding is fun and enjoyable agin.
We had talked about the banana road to Selatrad on Eysturoy so I asked Bear if we shouldn’t give that a shot, we could always turn back if it started to rain again.
That was a stroke of luck because I really thought that roads was one of, if not the best road on the Islands.
A light drizzle started when we got to Selastrad so that definitely settled it and we headed back to Torshavn to dry up and meet up with Joakim to grab a bite to eat.

Third time's the charm where we on our third try just have to wait ten minutes to get a table.
This was after all the final day of the trip so I suggest we head out to a bar.
With the completely relentless raining at least I was content with the riding we'd already done so I didn't plan to get on the bike until the ride to the docks.
I had researched that the place to be is a bar called Mimir so that's where we're headed.

Now, I don't really know if the review I read was based solely on the price of tap beer which at 35DKK is dirt cheap compared to Icelandic prices and to be honest I don't really care either, they had cheap beer, they had a pool table and they played rock music so who cares if the place looks like something out of a 70's porn movie?
And I now know my Nemisis has a name and that name is Slupp Beer.

The locals seemed a bit suspicious of us the whole evening and when the beer started flowing they finally confronted us, the reason for their suspicion was that they thought that we somehow were affiliated with the whale wars circus.
Now I have a very vague recollection of this but rumor has it that someone made some new best friends that night with a comment about a bunch of hippies meddling in age-old traditions.
And what do best friends do on an Island of Vikings? They drink beer. Insane, copious amounts of wonderful Faroese beer.

Luckily my two biking compadres have stronger characters than me because I have no idea how the hell I got back to the hotel and the next thing I remember is Bear screaming: What the hell are you doing in there?!
I mean what have the world come to if a man can't lock himself in the bathroom for just a few hours with a serving of noodles and Danish frikadeller without having his motives questioned? :snore



Selatrað, Eysturoy

If I can't recall it then it never happened