Day 16 Seyðisfjörður

Tuesday  Dateicon  12.8.2014  Tigericon  0km

We are pretty beat today because of yesterday's bout with the wind and with the weather only calmed down from homicidal to open hostility none of us were in the mood for riding.
We also have a practical problem that need solving, we're out of clean clothes so we need to do some laundry.

This is the conversation I had with the lady that runs the place:
Excuse me but I wonder if you could wash some clothes for us, we would obviously pay for this.
If you don't have the time maybe we could pay for the use your washing machine?
So you won't let us use it or you don't have a washing machine?
Do you know anywhere around here were we could get clothes washed.

With the prices they're charging no doubt they could afford outsourcing the laundry but seeing this is an eastern fjord on Iceland it does seem logistically improbable with the only logical conclusion that she either understands nothing of what I say and responds to everything not understood with the less than friendly answer no or she might quite simply be an unfriendly, unmotivated bitch.
It definitely felt more like the latter.

With no plug in the sink and the shower not quite hygienically suitable in its current condition (cleaning might be outsourced too?) the hunt is on for a bucket or some other vessel suitable for the task at hand.
We find one in the local store and decide to get our dinner at the finest hotel in town, ok so it might also have been the only hotel in town but it was still good eatin'.

Doing the laundry was one thing, hanging it quite another.
When we were done we had made a web of enough lines to make even the most productive of spiders envious.



Doing a bit of laundry