Day 13 Reykjavik

Saturday  Dateicon  9.8.2014  Tigericon  0km

My head hurts and I feel like shit. In others words exactly both as expected and deserved.

At breakfast the proprietor tells us that today is Icelands gay pride parade in Reykjavik and if we want to see it we should get in to town by 2PM.

We thought, sure, why not? And went to catch a bus. The gay pride thing certainly explains all the rainbow-flags we'd seen all around Reykjavik this weekend.
However, we weren't exactly the only ones going in to town today so after missing one bus filled to the brim, the next time around we did a run up and by both tactics and brute force managed to squeeze ourselves in.

We got in town in time for lunch and grabbed some Indian food. I thought my mouth was on fire while Bear who has killed of his last taste bud a long time ago thought it was bland.

The pride parade was as expected pretty hysterical with the grand finale being some kind of schlager-icon dressed in feathers riding a swan with two minions in disco-ball outfits.
But I guess it's all in a gay's work.

We peel of from the spectacle and head for the last of our planned tourist-stops in Reykjavik, the Viking maritime museum.
Interesting exhibition even though it was focused mainly on the fishing industry and featured very little of any Viking related seamanship.

We get an early night and head back for the hotel to do some trip planning for the way back towards Seydisfjordur.
Looking for hotel rooms it's pretty obvious that the majority of tourists are focused around the south part of Iceland.
Rooms are hard to come by at all and with prices for a standard room going for up to €900 (no I did not an extra zero) there's little hope of finding any cheap accommodation.

I do eventually find a room at hotel Katla in Hofdabrekka for about €150 a night so that will be our destination for tomorrow.


Reykjavik gay pride parade

Until today we where oblivious to the gay pride thing but it certainly provided the explanation for stuff like this

Viking maritime museum