Day 11 Reykjavik

Thursday  Dateicon  7.8.2014  Tigericon  0km

We won't be riding the bikes today which I must say I don't mind at all. The constant vibrations of yesterday's riding has taken its toll on my arms and shoulders to the point I can hardly raise my arms.
After breakfast we head for the bus stop. Even though it seems pretty obvious were at the right stop I ask a local and get reassured, yes it's definitely the right stop but the wrong direction.
My navigation skills truly are second to none!

After a short bus ride we head straight for the most famous of all Reykvavik landmarks, Halgrimmskirkja church.
It's truly a spectacular piece of architecture but the plain sanded concrete interior is a stark contrast to the avant-garde exterior.
We took the elevator up in the church tower to admire the view and admiring it definitely was.

Next stop on the must-see list according to my trusty Lonely Planet guide (I love these guides, I get one for every place I visit) was Reykjavik 871+/-2.
It's the site of the first human habitat in Iceland and bears its name simply by the dating with the margin of error being +/- 2 years.
Of course just a pile of rocks and dirt wouldn’t be all that interesting so they have built a sort of timeline around the whole thing moving forward from the first settlement.

After that it was time for lunch so we went down to a fish & chip restaurant down at the old harbor and had stonefish with chips. The perks of not riding was of course that we could wash it all down with the local brew.

Now for a truly bizarre experience, The Icelandic Phallological Museum. Yes you've guessed it, it's a penis-museum.
It featured all things penile and a variety of organs from animals as small as a mouse up to the blue whale.
It was a very strange place but it definitely had an entertainment value.

On our way back to the city center we find ourselves at a tourist information centre and there we see an advertisement for a show called How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes” which was on for the same night, in just a couple of hours no less.
Said and done, we walk down to the Harpa concert hall and buy the tickets.
The building is a tourist attraction in itself, if the design of the Halgrimmskirkja is avant-garde then Harpas design is like walking in one of Salvador Dalis dreams.
Had the design been any weirder I would have gotten lost walking up the stairs.
The stairs in question lead up to the sky bar where we spend the rest of the time before the show starts drinking beer.

The shows "purpose" is to teach you how to become Icelandic in 14 simple lessons and is so filled with stereotypes and prejudices that it's completely hysterical. I loved it.
To summarize I learned that in order to become Icelandic you need to always know best, be rude and never express any emotion whatsoever (except on Saturdays when you always get completely wasted).
Pretty much like being Swedish except for the part where you need to love raw sheep's testicles in sour milk.
That's just absurd, we Swedes only eat normal stuff like surströmming (rotten herring) and blodpalt (dumplings filled with blood).

After the show we grabbed a couple of burgers and headed back to the hotel.



871 +/- 2 Settlement exhibition

Monument for lost seamen at the old harbour

With the fishing industry being more than ¼ of Iceland's GDP then God help you if you're looking for cod in all the wrong places.

"I love my penis, I do, I love it. If I could kiss it I would. It's not like I haven't tried" - Barney Stinson, How I met your mother

Harpa concert hall and How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes