Monday  Dateicon  15.8.2011  Tigericon  313km Total:4042km

Since we're on the night-ferry we have all afternoon to pass the time in Lübeck.
We'd beforehand gotten the top tip that the safest place to park is right next to a police station and since we really couldn't fault that logic we went on the prowl for some rozzers.
After riding around back and forth for a while we eventually find one and since my patience is strained I deliberately run against a one-way sign to find a suitable parking.
The traffic wardens I rode straight past weren't overly impressed by my antics and physically stopped the Bear from following.

Since they'd managed to kidnap my friend I had no real choice but to do a u-turn and face the music.
I did my best impression of a confused tourist while pointing at the GPS and doing the universal point-at-temple sign for imbecille (sorry about that Garmin).
They bought it or at least didn't push it any further and gave us proper directions to a parking.

The town has a real Disney-vibe to it and I can only imagine that the annual christmas market must be something special.
After wandering around a bit I get completely euphoric when we stumble upon a liquorice-shop after all the endless chocelateries during this trip.
But as you can't live on liquorice alone (I think I would if I could) we eventually walk down into the Kartoffel-Keller to get some supper, it was a real treat.

The ferry was a complete meat-locker, the cabin was so small you pretty much had to walk sideways to the bunks and the difference between being on the toilet and taking a shower could be measured in millimetres.
No matter, we were going overnight so the fact that we got transported as we slept still made it worth the money compared to going overland.


I think this was the first and only time we looked at a map during the whole trip apart from the pow-wow with John "not far" Bex.



More Lübeck

Ferry terminal

Tuesday  Dateicon  16.8.2011  Tigericon  548km Total:4590km

The Bear who by now has gotten the scent of his pit took the lead.
Speeds that where a bit too fast on the Autobahn where now not nearly quick enough to reunite the Bear with his hunting grounds.¹

The ride home went quick and without incident.



This was the first experience of motorcycle touring for the both of us since neither of us had held a motorbike license all that long by this point.
I didn't write a diary during the trip so this trip has been reconstructed from memory and pictures.
I don't think I've taken any greater artistic liberties.

Luckily we'd planned the trip with very short legs, it would prove to be needed as we spent a lot of time upon arrival sorting out accommodation.
There where some entertainment value in that too but since time is a major factor in our travels I actually got my self a second-hand laptop mostly to use on these kinds of trips to look for accommodation and other kinds of research along the way.
Since we weren't exactly spoiled for choice when we found somewhere to stay and weren't in a negotiating position also meant that that laptop would pay for itself during the coming years.

The fact that I can write in detail five years later about a trip we did 2011 probably means it left a deep impression in my memory and also got us good and well bitten by the travel bug.
We bought the tickets for Wacken 2012 just a month after coming home so the planning for next years trip started early.


¹ Not an admission of guilt even if it's by now probably way past its statute of limitations.