A Kurdish Movie



Title: A Kurdish Movie
Type: Streaming
Review copy: Vimeo On Demand
Length: 46 minutes
Price: Rent: €3 Buy: €10
Producer: Claudio Von Planta
Website: www.vonplantaproductions.com
Iraq, Kurdistan Region
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The legendary filmmaker that made Long Way Round/Down the eposes that they are Claudio Von Planta heads out on another adventure, this time along with Billy "Biketruck" Ward.
It's definitely fair to say that they have chosen the path less travelled by going to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, by all accounts a war-zone to scope out the territory for future guided tours.
As transport they are actually lent a couple of bikes from the Kurdistan traffic police complete with lights and sirens which to be honest is pretty fucking cool.

The film is quite watchable as Cloudios filmmaking style is very immersive and it's very obvious that he and Billy get along very well as they have great chemistry.
That they've chosen to explore a to most westerners completely unknown region also makes this a bit of a novelty and peaked my interest immediately.
As far as the content is concerned this is definitely more of a travel documentary as the motorcycle element is not very prevalent.
An entertaining watch.