Ted Simon: Jupiter's Travels



Title: Jupiter's travels
Tagline: One man, one motorbike, one planet
Author: Ted Simon
Website: http://jupitalia.com/
ISBN: 9780140054101
Review copy: Amazon
Published: First published 1979
Language: English
Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose light

This is truly the be all end all of adventure travel books.
The inspiration for Ewan and Charley's Long way round/down journeys and probably countless others.
Ted quits his job as a journalist and heads out on a four year and 63000 mile journey around the world and as this is taking place in the 70's it is a vastly different world out there than the one we have today.
Or as he himself so eloquently puts it in a passage in the book: How was I to know the world was about to change, I hadn't been there yet.
As a full-time cynic the quasi-philosophical parts of the book makes this a bit of a hard read at times but as it was written in the late 70's I guess you can't really blame him for being a child of his time.
An inspirational epic journey and must read for any aspiring motorcycle adventurer.