Jim Rogers: Investment Biker



Title: Investment biker
Tagline: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Author: Jim Rogers
Narrator: John McLain
Website: http://www.jimrogers.com/
Length: 15hrs 6mins
Feature: Unabridged
Review copy: Audible
Published: 9 October 2013
Language: English
Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose light

This audiobook was definitely not for me.
First of all the narrator kind of draws out every word as he finishes a sentence like ro.oad instead of road.
It makes it a bit annoying to listen to but it doesn't really matter as no narration would be able to save this.
I almost got the feeling that Jim headed out on this journey just as an excuse to write a book about his world view and geo-polical ideas.
He fires off a plethora of pretty wild and in my view pretty outrageous ideas and I can't help feel that the scatter gun approach is just so in the off chance that one of them actually goes through he can say, I knew that would happen, I wrote it in a book.
The claim that he wants his trip to be completely serendipitous is pretty wierd as he always just happens to stumble upon people who mirrors his exact views on everything.
What are the odds of stumbling upon a soon to be capitalist in Soviet communist Siberia who that same day is resigning from the communist party?
And what exactly was Jim doing in a Moscow kindergarten where he "serendipitously" happens to meet a dissident from a labour camp who prophesied the fall of the Soviet Union?
After a few of these supposed random encounters you really start to question the credibility of this publication on anything but Jim's own views and opinions.
I finished the book although I really don't know why as I was annoyed most of the time.
I personally did not enjoy this book at all, if you are some kind of ultra-capitalist with leanings towards the very right of the policical spectrum you might find some enjoyment from this.