Charley Boorman: Extreme Frontiers



Title: Extreme Frontiers
Tagline Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies
Author: Charley Boorman
Narrator: David John
Length: 6hrs 53mins
Feature: Unabridged
Review copy: Audible
Published: 1 March 2013
Language: English
Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose lightmoose lightmoose light


As I've previously written Ewan and Charley gets a lot of hate from the community and Charley probably more so than Ewan.
When I read between the lines it seems that some people seem to consider Boorman some sort of failure as his acting career didn't really take off.
The way I see it he used his contacts to make one of the most watched travel documentaries of all time and has since been able to make a living off of travelling, writing, presenting travel shows and as more or less a factory rider for first BMW and now Triumph.
If that's a failed career then sign me the hell up right now.

This book is from a trip travelling (mostly) by motorbike through Canada, the second largest country in the world and was the first of a series of travel documentaries made for UK:s Channel 5.
I have to admit that my expectations weren't high as I had no previous experience of Boorman as an author (as I just assume the Long way round book was ghostwritten).
Turns out the guy really can write.
I've seen the show but this gives a whole new perspective to the trip with thoughts and insights that there just wasn't time for in the show.

Although the motorcycle aspect wasn't very prevalent I enjoyed this immensely as I got to follow Boorman through the "extremes" of Canada even though the things he does is obviously thought out to cater to a television audience with dirt biking, extreme cold diving, horseback riding and ice hockey (obviously, he is in Canada after all). 

This will definitely make me check out some of the other books he's written.