Forcefield Body Armour Base Layer Pants

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Created: 19 June 2018
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Product: Forcefield Body Armour Base Layer Pants
Manufacturer: Forcefield Body Armour
Bought: eBay
Purchase date: 
19 June 2018
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I bought these as a base layer for warm weather riding as the Klim Badland pants tend to chafe my legs in long days in the saddle, especially around the knee protector.
First impressions out of the box is that I don't really understand what kind of body these pants are made for.
I bought them size small (like most things) and they fit reasonably well around the waist but they are impossibly tight around the ankles and are ridiculously long.
There is probably a couple of decimetres excess length on the leg and as I pull all this up every time I wear them I can hear the seems starting to tear, if they survive this full season I'd be surprised.
Forcefield uses a fibre called BeCool which supposedly is "the first polyamide fibre with integrated airflow control a function that maintains body temperature during sports and leisure activities. Through a four channeled thread BeCool has a greater diffusive area than standard thread, up to three times greater than cotton, which allows it to act like a fan forcing the skins hot and humid air towards the outer layer of the fabric while allowing cool and dry air to circulate from the outside into the surface of the skin."
Sounds great right?
Wouldn't it be great if it worked?
Yes it would but unfortunately it doesn't.
I bought this for the trip to Russia and had temperatures just below 30ºC throughout almost the entire trip.
I suffered through for most of the trip as it did relieve the chafing of the pants but eventually I couldn't take it any longer and started riding without them.
After a full day of riding with the FF Base Layer my legs where completely soaked with sweat, I would not have been worse off even if I'd just pissed myself right before peeling these off.
This is not how breathable fabric is supposed to behave.
I did not wash them before taking off on the trip so there is nothing I could have done to ruin the functionality of the FF pants.
For all intents and purposes it was like riding in Long Johns and that is pretty much how I'll continue to use them from now on.
I will continue to look for a base layer for hot weather riding as this is obviously not it.