• C90 Adventures - Malaysia to UK



    Title: C90 Adventures - Malaysia to UK
    Type: Download
    Review copy: Dirtpunk
    Length: 1 hour 12 minutes
    Price: £10
    Producer: Ed March
    Website: https://c90adventures.co.uk/
    Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solid

    This film is about a guy from Devon, UK called Ed March. Supposedly saved from the regional pastime sheep-shagging by a love of tinkering with motorbikes in his shed.
    He ships his beloved Honda C90 halfway across the world to Malaysia and then spends 8 months and 14500 miles riding it home.
    While in Thailand he actually tries to register a marriage with his C90, I shit you not.
    Let's face it, for a RTW-trip it's a rubbish bike, some of the footage is from a mobile phone, Ed obviously has mental issues and he has a propensity for gratuitous nudity and he has a really immature sense of humour.
    He also nurtures an intense hatred for big BMW motorcycles and accessories you can't build yourself (which means he would probably either be steaming or pissing himself with laughter if he ever saw my bike).
    It's pretty much the exact polar opposite of Long Way Round/Down.
    I loved every second of it.
    This is not for the faint of heart as he films himself having diarrhea (thankfully only audio) and a dozen people shitting in a field (in glorious high definition).
    Apart from crossing the world on a ridiculously underpowered bike which at one point runs for three stright days with no oil he also takes the time to trek to Mount Everest basecamp and true to form he does that in skate shoes and in far less time than is supposedly safe considering altitude sickness.
    Despite the differences in footage quality this is a really solid production which is well put together and with great music (well, perhaps apart from the frequent ABBA-snippets, I'm not that Swedish).
    I've definitely never laughed so much watching a travel documentary before and if you watch this and think it's shit then I'm sorry but then we can't be friends.

    P.S. Ed has since embarked on another journey, this time from Alaska to Argentina and he has made that into a series on youtube so check out his channel.

  • Long Way Round (Special Edition)



    Title: Long Way Round
    Tagline: Chasing shadows across the world
    Type: DVD Boxset
    Review copy: eBay
    Length: 7 hour 19 minutes
    Price: £12 (Standard Edition) @longwayround.com
    Producers: Alexis Alexanian, David AlexanianCharley Boorman,
    Russ Malkin,Ewan McGregor,Cori Abraham
    Website: https://www.longwayround.com/
    Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solid

    This gets a pretty mixed bag in the adventure riding community, you either love it or hate with the hardcore purists leaning heavily towards hating.
    I don't really understand why.
    Sure they're given bikes and a bunch of gear but I wouldn't say no if someone were to give me stuff.
    And then there's the support crew, oh my god the pure hatred in the adventurer's eyes when they talk about the LWR support crew.
    Who cares? They did it their way and credit to them, the exposure they've given the adventure motorcycle creed is completely astronomical and if it makes a bunch of posers having a mid-life crisis go and buy a brand new fully kited adventure bike just so they can ride in style to Starbucks on sunny Sundays then so much the better.
    Eventually they'll hit the second hand market and get in the hands of someone that'll actually ride it.
    I really don't think there's anyone who has found this webpage that doesn't know what this is but still:
    This is a documentary series about two actor friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who set out on a journey from London to New York due east, four months and 22000 miles through western Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and across the pacific to Alaska through Canada and America.
    It takes them across Siberia and the notorious Road of bones.
    At that point of the journey they are really starting to struggle which has given many the hardcore adventurer a reason to go there and prove how to really do it.
    It starts out a bit slow but picks up nicely and has such a great mix between the pure travelling and entertainment aspect and the motorcycling that you can watch this with someone completely disinterested with motorcycles (I've heard there are such people out there) and they will still enjoy it.
    The production is amazing with the true hero of the series being Claudio Von Planta who shoots the footage in a way that makes you almost feel like your there, riding with them.
    The extras don't really add much to the story so when I bought it new I guess I could have saved myself a few quid but as you can now pick up a used copy on eBay for <£5 you might as well get the SE for a bit more insight into the production that you get from just watching the series.
    Despite all the hate I absolutely loved this, it's a completely epic series and a must-have in the DVD-collection of anyone even remotely interested in motorcycle travel.

  • Road Heroes



    Title: Horizons Unlimited Presents: Road Heroes
    Tagline: Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales Part One
    Type: DVD
    Review copy: eBay
    Length: 2 hours 11 minutes
    Price: $19.99 @horizonsunlimited.com
    Producer: Horizons Unlimited
    Website: horizonsunlimited.com
    Rating: moose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose solidmoose lightmoose lightmoose lightmoose light


    This DVD features presentations by four travellers. Dr. Gregory "Greg" Frazier, Tiffany Coates, Peter & Kay Forwood and Rene Cormier.
    Greg has done 5 RTW-trips by motorcycle and clocked in 1000 000 miles behind the handlebars.
    Tiffany "Tiff" Coates had on the outset planned to do a four month trip travelling by her second hand BMW R80 GS but picked up the travel bug along the way and just kept going, her trusty GS has now clocked more than 211 000 miles.
    Peter & Kay Forwood has travelled through every country in the world recognized by the UN on their Harley Davidsson Electra Glide purchased new in 1994.
    They have ridden 610 000 kms on that very same bike!
    With a $25 a day budget Rene Cormier spent five years travelling through 41 countries covering 154 000 kms.

    For me the most interesting part of the DVD was without a doubt the interview with Peter & Kay, had I based the rating solely on that feature this would get a solid 10/10.
    In a matter of fact kind of way they tell about crossing war zones like the war-torn Congo where because of the road conditions Kay who was the pillion passenger pretty much walked through the whole country.
    It's still absolutely amazing what they managed to do on a Harley with road tyres.

    As this is basically presentations taped on Horizons Unlimited events the production isn't all that great but the sound quality is good and it's all mixed with still photos which might not sound like it's enough to keep you glued to your seat but considering these are some of the most prolific adventure bikers on the planet it is truly inspiring and a nice evenings entertainment.