Sunday  Dateicon  21.8.2016  Tigericon  392km Totalt6942km

That the choice fell on Basel for the next stay was pretty coincidental.
There was a total lack of scenic detours along the way and Bern was wildly expensive to stay with nothing to really justify the cost so I choose a strategic place pretty close to both Mulhouse, that I plan to go to tomorrow and obviously also Lörrach for the trainride back home.
The weather was grand and a motorway in Switzerland still beats a spruce-lined road back home any day of the week.

I stopped at a roadside restaurant and had the dish of they day now that I'm clear of the bread-with-bread culture.
I didn't really notice it on the way down since I relied on my readymeals but my god, the price level in this country is out of this world.
The dish of the day cost me 24 Euros!
Now I'm not as surprised that I had to seek accommodation even in the outskirts of Basel to get the price down to a reasonable level.

A few days ago I didn't even know that this is where I'd stay so I hadn't read up and had no preconceptions about this place at all, and that is usually when thing turn out for the best.
The cathedral was an amazing building an even though the interior was closed for renovation there was a beautiful inner courtyard to stroll around in.
The town hall and square was pretty spectacular as well and just walking around the cobbled streets of old town was an experience I would gladly paid an entry fee for.
They have obviously cared greatly for their heritage in this town because they've kept a lot of the old city gates from when the town was encircled by a wall and the grandest of them, Spalentor was well worth the walk.

I eat dinner in a taverna at a horrendous cost. The price level in this country is like a punch in the face.
I've been lucky on my trips thus far and have with few exceptions not really been taken advantage of but Switzerland is probably the closest I've come to being mugged without actually being mugged.

By now I had ventured pretty far from the hotel and walking more than 5kms on a full stomach back to the hotel wasn't very appealing, a taxi felt like the reasonable choice.
But like the pearly gates of heaven I spot and Irish pub in the distance. Liquid dessert it is!
I probably cost as much as a cab ride but with a lovely Guinness and a silky smooth Tullamore in my belly the walk back was at least a lot more entertaining.
Get away with your pills, it'll cure all ills, be ye Pagan, Christian or Jew. As we take a sip of the rare old mountain dew.


Who said riding on the motorway could be a nice ride? Oh, was it me? God damn it, I'm never wrong.

They've kept a lot of the old city gates.

The cathedral was an impressive building

The view from that cathedral wasn't bad either.

They have a very colourful town hall.

It was great just strolling around in old town which was what I did until it got too dark.

Monday  Dateicon  22.8.2016  Tigericon  123km Total:7065km

After outpacing myself completely at the beginning of the trip I now find myself in the situation that I have all day to ride 10kms because that the distance between Basel ant the Lörrach Autozug.

But there was a plan to my choice of stay and that was that I would spend the day at the auto museum in Mulhouse, a tip I got from a friend in the Swedish motorcycle association.
Or as it's formally called: Cité de l’Automobile, Musée national de l’automobile, Collection Schlumpf. Try saying that three times in a row after a jägerbomb with tying your tongue in a knot.

Wow what a great tip it was!
Over 400 classic cars with emphasis on really old vehicles was a real sight to behold.
The whole collection was sorted by age from the very first horsecarriage-like vehicles and onwards.
It was definitely not hard to loose track of time completely in here and I snapped away with my camera like a was born in Japan.

But I still have a train to catch so even though I could have gone over the whole collection several more times over I needed to press on.
I eat lunch in the outskirts of Mulhouse and ride on to the Autozug station in Lörrach.
I arrive with plenty of time to spare until even the earliest check in so I use the time repacking the gear and just relaxing.

After check in I ride away to get some dinner, Lörrach isn't a very large town (pop. 50.000) but this was almost ridiculous.
After riding to three different restaurants that was either out of business or closed I manage to find a Chinese restaurant so I get a Nasi goreng to go and head back to the train yard.
Luckily I'm still very early.
In Hamburg we didn't load the bikes on the train until about 30-45 minutes to departure so I obviously, with a mouth full of Chinese food thought this would be something similar.
Oh no, two hours before departure the signal us to start riding onto the train so I hastily swallowed down my mouthful of food and stowed away the rest so I could bring it on the train.

Inside the compartment it seems they filled it to the brim this time so I got to share it with four other passengers as far as I can tell all Swizz.
An older couple and a younger couple that completely distance themselves as soon as it becomes clear that I'm from Schweden and don't speak any German at all.
(A German would probably argue that they don't either but that is a different matter completely.)
So I mostly kept to myself in my top bunk of choice while the rest of the gang chatted away like they hadn't talk to people in a month, Schweden was frequently mentioned an I also recognised some place names in Skåne county.

The explanation for this wasn't to become apparent until the next morning.


Cité de l’Automobile i Mulhouse

Tueday  Dateicon  23.8.2016  Tigericon  95km Totalt7160km

As usual we are awoken ridiculously early.
I don't really get how lengthy morning routines people can possibly have on a train or a ferry when they think they need to wake people at least an hour an a half before arrival.
Not at it really mattered to me anyway since I don't really sleep on these things but it's still a mystery.

I am welcomed down to breakfast by the female of the younger couple who it turns out speaks excellent English after all.
That definitely wasn't apparent yesterday, but it gets even better...
The man of the older couple asks me whereabouts in Sweden I'm from... in Swedish!
Turns out the geezer has had a cabin in Skåne for over ten years in in pretty much fluent in (although heavily accented) Swedish.

So for four hours yesterday none of them spoke a single word to me even though one of them knows Swedish?!
I mean I though Swedes where a pretty shy people but this is just weird.

I wasn't all that keen on a whole day of motorway riding today since I could pretty safely assume that I wouldn't get much sleep on the train, if any.
So I did the math yesterday and came to the conclusion that €175 for the ferry between Kiel and Göteborg was worth it even though I really had depleted my travelling funds a long time ago.
No matter how I did it, it wasn't like the rest of the way home would be free regardless.
It was either this or going by motorway with the Puttgarden-Rödby ferry and the bridge which together came to about €78, the fuel cost and some kind of hotel because in my present conditions there's no way I would do a 1000km stint in one go.

It probably evened itself out but this way I would in all likelihood get some sleep while being transported which decided it in favour of Stena Line.
Lack of imagination, tiredness and crappy weather made me head towards Kiel right away even though it was a night-ferry.

Upon arrival at the docks I pretty much had astronomical amounts of time at my disposal so I had a really long breakfast at McD:s and strolled around on the docks.
In the early afternoon a few other Swedish bikers arrive so the remaining ours until boarding went passed pretty fast.

I do a run-through of the taxfree and go to the buffet.
After not having slept for over 24 hours a belly full of food hits me like a sledgehammer.
I stumble back to my cabin and pass out.


Schwedenkai, Kiel