Day 9 Barcelona to Valencia

Tuesday  Dateicon  9.8.2016  Tigericon  351km - Total:3223km

I march on towards Valencia. I haven't managed to find any scenic routes along this stretch so the mileage just disappears beneath my wheels and that's lucky because this was one of the trips more pleasant surprises.
First of all this might be the first time I've ever parked legally on the sidewalk in front of the hotel entrance to check in, they had dedicated motorcycle parking just outside the entrance.
After a well needed shower I hit the town and already at the first touristy destination I'm starting to wonder why I wasted my time going to Barcelona.

After a short while walking around time I realize there's an abundance of beautiful buildings and great restaurants galore but there isn't a fraction of the tourists.
This is surely not going to last, a city this beautiful, this close to an international airport.
Better get in while the getting's good because this city is most like going to get the attention it deserves sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately the only places that I managed to see before they closed where the city gate and the cathedral but I had a really great time just walking around aimlessly admiring the architecture of the beautiful buildings which where plentiful.

At the edge of the towns main square there where street musicians that where playing classical music, I have a bit of a soft spot for that so I payed my tribute and sat down for a while enjoying the music before I looked up a restaurant and headed back to the hotel.

On my way back I quickly dive into a hobby-shop right before closing because the throttle grip have gotten loose.
Probably a combination of the heat and the extra force needed to twist it with the friction lock which I use frequently on the dead straight motorways.
But it does seem a bit of a paradox that something specifically manufactured to withstand heat loosens because of heat but with the temperatures I'm having I'm not terribly surprised that it takes its toll on the bike as well.
It's less than five minutes until closing time so when I ask a gentleman behind a desk what he thinks I should use to glue plastic that is heat resistant he yanks a package from a shelf and says this is the best and gives me a gentle push in my back towards the register.

Back at the hotel I almost give the receptionist a coronary when I give him the package with instructions and asks if he can tell my how to use it.
After a painful silence and a visible bead of sweat on his forehead he realizes that he only has to tell me what it says, he doesn't necessarily need to understand it himself and I'm not asking him to help fix my bike (just the though of bike repairs in the garage seemed utterly terrifying).

With the best glue in town I get down to the garage to glue the grip back.
Luckily it was a very simple process because a rough estimate is that the temperature in the garage was about +40°C so my problem solving skills where a bit impaired.
That the bike now responds in relation to the throttle is a welcome change, it got a bit exiting at the last stretch here when I had to guess the throttle response in relation to twisting the handle at 130+km/h.


On of the old city gates, Torres de Quart and the view from the tower.

The streets and alleys where amazing...

...they led up to the square..

...and the magnificent cathedral from the 1200:s.

Even if I could get in anywhere else that definitely didn't mean there was nothing to see.
So after a refill of... well, everything really. I headed ut exploring.

Even the graffiti was in a league of its own.

Luckily there wasn't any traffic in the garage so I could get away with blocking the exit and the entrance from the stairwell to the garage and park where the lighting conditions where best.

The view from the balcony the next morning.