Day 7 Montpellier, France to Barcelona, Spain

Sunday  Dateicon  7.8.2016  Tigericon  474km Total:2872km

Another long days riding but today there's some twistys planned in between to break the monotony.
After a long (and costly) ride on the motorway I turn off and head towards Cap de Creus a twisty coastal road towards a cape right by the ocean.
After the soul crushing motorway riding it was very invigorating do something other than crunch miles on dead straight roads.

The sun is absolutely scorching to the point that my head feel like a baking potato so I'm really glad I bought the cooling vest.
After a nice ride along the coast I start to waver a bit between sticking to the original plan and continuing on the very slow moving but scenic route towards a coastal road called GI-682 or if I should get back on the soul numbing but swift moving motorway.
After recharging the cooling vest the scenic route wins out and I'm glad it did because it's not for naught that this road has been named a European monument by the EU and has been nicknamed the road of a thousand bends.
It was a bit cluttered with tourist traffic but nothing that really detracted from the overall experience.
Something that did detract from the experience though was when a traffic cop stopped all traffic about halfway through because of a motorbike accident.
I don't know the extent of the damage but the rider was airlifted out in a chopper so I'm guessing it wasn't good.
The horns inside the helmet which at this point had grown pretty large shrunk pretty quick because of this and no matter really because when they started letting traffic through again we had the police as a pace car all along the rest of the way.
I guess they didn't want any more accidents that day and I didn't really mind because I was pretty intent on not becoming the victim anyway.

The rest of the way is motorways as far as the eye can see, an insanely expensive way to travel in this country.
I though Italy was expensive but that was because they didn't have any difference in the tariff between a car and a bike but today all the tolls actually registered my vehicle and I paid the bike tariff but still the overall charge came to more than 40 Euros!

Arriving at the hotel it's in a really steep hill but even if I wanted to there was absolutely nowhere to park.
I continue up to the top and just park at a corner on a plaza, obviously not a horrendous crime since a cop car rides past without so much as batting an eyelid.
Speaking about horrendous that word perfectly describes the parking situation in this town.
The hotel rents spaces in a garage situated a kilometre from the hotel and the route is so complicated the manager makes the bellboy walk me the whole way.
Normally he drives the guests vehicles and parks them but apparently he was somewhat overwhelmed by my monster bike. Not that I would have let him anyway.
So after a long day in the saddle followed by a brisk 2km walk I ride to the garage and thus have to walk the kilometre back to the hotel all over again.

Thank god there was a noodle restaurant just opposite the hotel because that was all I had any energy for and I hadn't eaten anything since lunch.
I was so beat by the time I got back to room it felt like the whole room was rotating.

If I had any doubts about the original route down to Gibraltar my mind is well and truly made up by now, I simply can't go on like this.
The mileage is just too much, I can feel myself loosing focus as the days get longer and the bragging rights of Gibraltar isn't worth shit anyway if I'll get them posthumously.
I'm almost in a bit of a panic that I just have one "rest day" to explore all of Barcelona but getting a room at anything near a reasonable price was outright impossible so I'll just have to.

I'm running out of clean clothes so somehow I manage to wash up some t-shirts and boxers before more or less passing out on the bed.
The room never stopped spinning.


Cap de Creus

GI-682, "The road of a thousand bends"