Day 14 Reykjavik to Vik

Sunday  Dateicon  10.8.2014  Tigericon  194km Total:3273km

Before leaving Reykjavik behind us altogether we make our first stop of the day at Arbaer Open Air Museum.
Some of Reykjavik's oldest buildings are located here, most of them relocated from the city centre and furnished according to the era in which they were inhabited.
I must admit I mostly wanted to go because of the only building that were originally located here, the turf houses, or hobbit-houses as I call them.
There's something about a little hut covered with grass that brings a smile to my face, I think they could charm the shoes off a horse.

Next stop was one of Bears finds, he had read about a waterfall which you could walk behind and this of course warranted a visit, so to Seljalandsfoss we went.
A really cool experience and far enough from Reykjavik to not be completely swamped by tourists.

Next stop is just a quick one at the Eyjafjallajökull visitor centre. Not really worth it though if you don't want to either pay a ridiculous amount of Kronur just to watch a video or hike 5kms to the volcano itself so we just snap a couple of shots and ride on.

We ride on to Skogafoss waterfall.
There is an abundance of waterfalls scattered all over the island so you feel you might not really give them the attention they deserve after a while but they all have their certain perks and charms (this one you could walk along the beach almost to the foot of) so there's always something to make you glad you didn't skip it.

In the same village as Skogafoss lies the Skogar folkmuseum (with more hobbit houses,yay!) and on the same ticket you also get admission to the museum of transport.

Strange fact: the Ford model T is called gamli ford in Icelandic which means just old ford, I mean it can't always have been old?

Next is our final stop for the day which is an old US Navy C47 transport plane wreck which crash-landed on the beach at Solheimsandur, I naively thought I had made a real find when I researched this but with three quarters of a million tourists a year I guess there are'nt really any "unknown" places left to be explored.

It was also a lot closer to the ring road than I thought which of course helps when Mr & Mrs Moron venture completely offroad in their rented Hyundai i30, my god the suffering and damages these poor rentals must go through in a lifetime.
There really only are two types of rentals on Iceland, it's either the golf-style minis or the full on snorkel-fitted Dakar racers. There's absolutely nothing in between and there are a lot of them, it's obvious by the approving looks you get from the locals that always go straight to the back to look at your plates that you gain a few plus-points from the dedication of hauling your own vehicle with you.

But that's a bit of a side-track, the plane wreck was situated at a completely black beach which added plenty to the dramatic effect and even though we were'nt the only ones we got a few cool shots.
That's all we had planned for today and from Solheimsandur it's just a short ride to the hotel in Vik which is lucky because the weathergods had once again decided it was time for us to take a shower.

The Katla hotel was a bit of a strange find, the facilities where great and the service was good but I never really understood why the staff all spoke French with each other and the restaurant menu was a bit lacking. The two choices available was either a sandwich or the buffet (at €38) so we took the sting to our respective wallets and got the buffet which actually was very good.

After dinner we got an early night since the next day we were going to ride about 500kms back to Seydisfjördur. We had booked a guesthouse there for the last three nights since that was the only reasonably priced accommodation to be found on this part of the Island.

Arbaer Open Air Museum

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Eyjafjallajökull, the white and brown dots scattered on the grassy slope is actually horses and not as I first thought sheep.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogar folk and transport museum

Solheimsandur, C47 wreckage