Day 21 Karlskrona to Väse

Sunday  Dateicon  18.08.2013  Tigericon  466km Total:4514km

We wake up to the sound of Luis Armstrongs "It's a wonderful world" in the loudspeakers in the cabin at 6.15AM.
Stena wants people out of the cabins 1.5 hours before arrival for cleaning so we get ready, pack up and hit the restaurant for one last breakfast buffet.

We get back to the cabin after a sturdy breakfast and it looks just as we left it so I guess the cleaning was just bamboozle to get people to buy an expensive breakfast but  a man's got to eat.

But at least this means we get an early start and we get off the ferry at 8.
Immediately we're met by grey skies and shitty weather, I'm freezing my ass off and I'm mumbling something about warm welcome home and the twilight of the vacation in my helmet.
After about 40kms the first droplets of rain hit the visor and the Bear who's in the lead now we're back in familiar geography turn of and once stopped says some bullshit about the freshness in the air and all the scents of nature and at least it's not cold while I'm suiting up in all the clothes I have in the pack and decide I'll never become so god damn patriotic that I'll start to enjoy the cold and the rain.

We soldier on and actually manage to avoid the rain for the most part and get the dish of the day at the golden arches in Mariestad.
Unfortunately the rain has caught up when we're ready to ride on and the floodgates of heaven has really swung wide open.

But as a whole we've had crazy luck with the weather during this whole trip, during the three weeks we've been abroad we've had perhaps three hours of rain total.
But mother nature sure is making up for it now.
Since I don't remember suffering from incontinence my we crotch must mean I need a new pair of rain pants.
It can't be completely ruled out that it's capillary effect via my leg-fur from my shoes who by now are so full of water I can feel it shifting back and forth when breaking.

The Bear has by now started to feel the scent of his hide so he's passing traffic like it's standing still on the #26 road.
Those who managed to catch a glimpse of the green menace must have thought it was a lost jet-ski with panniers.