Day 10 Groningen

Tuesday  Dateicon  9.8.2011  Tigericon  10km Total:2924km

We'd gotten several nice tips for riding around the area by John and Linsay but the weather didn't really inspire to any longer detours so we went straight into Groningen and parked up.
There was a desperate lack of available parking so I just put the bike on a traffic island and walk to a guy tinkering with his bike in a garage and asks if he knows where we can park a couple of bikes.
He just looks me up and down like I'm a complete idiot before replying: Wherever the fuck you like.
Parking issue = solved. We put both bikes on a traffic attitude and put our money on the dude being as on the spot as he had a bad attitude.

We head straight for the obvious tourist attraction Grote Markt and Martini church with its spectacular towers.
The Martini church was built in the 1200:sand has an interior to really take your breath away, just the organ is really a piece of art.
That the had self-service of coffee in one of the rooms in the church didn't make the experience any worse either.
For a small fee we went up in the towers and took in the view.

Since Groningen was on our itinerary we had nothing really we'd set out to see and the was just as well as we then could wander around aimlessly and just enjoy the old cobbled streets and wonderful architecture.
The stereotypical image of Holland with their network of canals was also confirmed immediately and there was great entertainment value to be had just walking between them and looking at the floating armada of house boats, prams and floating restaurants.

We had dinner on a pancake boat where the served everything from a pretty traditional pancake to just using a pancake as a coaster for an entire meal.
I was a bit cautious and had one with bananas and nuts while the Bear went all in and got a pancake with chicken and coleslaw.

We spent the evening with John and Lindsay where we planned a bit for the next part of the trip.
The only really realistic tip we got from John was to visit the village of Bolsward on the way to Amsterdam.
He had obviously done a lot of touring himself and pointed all over the map of the entire western europe while exclaiming not far, not far.
Lindsay was a big Terry Pratchett fan and wanted to use us as an excuse to rewatch The Hogfather.
Even if Pratchett didn't win me entirely over it was no sacrifise at all.


Martini tower and the church


The cellar windows make me wonder a bit.