So what do I do when I'm not travelling on my motorcycle?
I talk about my motorcycle, I tinker with my motorcycle and I watch, read and listen to others who have a similar interest.
I'll try and share my thoughts about what I watch/read/hear in this section.

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Created: 17 December 2016


Title: A story worth living
Type: Streaming
Review copy: Vimeo On Demand
Length: 1 hour 24 minutes
Price: Rent: €5 Buy: €9
Producers: Jon Dale,John Eldredge,Sam Eldredge
Colorado, USA
Rating: helmet bluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightblue


I read in forums about this where it got completely slaugtered by the ADV riding community.
I also read that they even gave refunds to those that requested it at the screening.
Like a rubbernecker riding past the scene of a horrible accident I just had to see for myself what it was about.
What a mistake that was.

First of all the positive, and there is just one possive thing I can say about this:
There is some really epic drone footage in this but not by far enough to save it to something I would recommend watching.
The rest of it is basically a bunch of middle-aged to real oldtimer dudes filming themselves sitting around talking.
They're not even talking about motorcycles, it's all just quasi-philosophical bullshit.
And just when you just don't think it can't possibly get any worse it gets evangelical.

I read a challenge somewhere to do a drinking game to this and take a shot every time anyone says the word story.
I can't see anyone surviving that as they say story 15 in the first 5 minutes alone. 85 times in the total duration of the film. That's more than once a minute ffs!
(Yes, I counted, it wasn't like I had to concentrate very hard to keep up with the narrative because that was dead in the water from the first frame).
The most hilarious part of the film is when they shout out loud warnings to each other about a puddle with less than an inch of water, I'm no hardcore adventure rider myself but give me a break.
This isn't a motcycle film, I don't really know that it is or is supposed to be other than something I'd recomend you'd stay as far away from as humanly possible.

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Created: 24 November 2015


Title: Where the glacier meets the sky
Type: Streaming
Review copy: Vimeo On Demand
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: Rent: €4
Producer: Shawn Edmondson
Rating: helmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightblue

Iceland, a breathtakingly beautiful country well captured by filmmaker Shawn Edmondson.
Shawn travels to Iceland along with his friend Kevin and rents couple of BMW:s to travel around the island for a two week long ride.
He fully immerses himself in the Icelandic culture even trying the local delicacy Hákarl (fermented shark meat) and interviewing charming locals.
The music is nice, the scenery is absolutely stunning with sublime drone footage and the production is stellar from what as I understand is an amateur filmmaker.
Shawn had at first made this freely available but I can see why he decided to make this a pay-per-view as this film well exceeds many professional studio productions.

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Created: 01 July 2015


Title: Biker's Britain
Tagline: Britains Best Routes for Bikers
Author: Simon Weir
Website: n/a
ISBN: 978-0749573966
Review copy: Book Depository
Published: December 1 2013
Language: English
Rating: helmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightblue

I actually bought this before the trip that eventually took us through the Balkans in 2015 because our original plan back then was to do the British Isles.
That fell through because of the lack of space on the DFDS ferry but it turned out alright I think and I still got some use for it on the 2017 trip.
The book contains 70 routes and tours in or through England, Wales and Scotland and is written by the Editor of Ride Magazine, Simon Weir.
I painstakingly transferred all these routes into Basecamp with the intention of including them fully or in part in my own routes.
In the end I didn't end up using more than parts of a couple of routes.
The routes seem nice, they are well documented and there are even directions if your a hundred years old or just a luddite.
There are even tips on what to see and do in the are of the routes.
It was just not very useful for me.
The routes are for the most part loops where you start and end up in the same place and thus are more oriented around a nice Sunday or weekend ride out with your friends and not towards cross-country travel.
This will most likely be more appealing and helpful to UK residents than visitors to the country.

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Created: 01 February 2015


Title: Horizons Unlimited Presents: Road Heroes
Tagline: Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales Part One
Type: DVD
Review copy: eBay
Length: 2 hours 11 minutes
Price: $19.99
Producer: Horizons Unlimited
Rating: helmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet bluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightblue


This DVD features presentations by four travellers. Dr. Gregory "Greg" Frazier, Tiffany Coates, Peter & Kay Forwood and Rene Cormier.
Greg has done 5 RTW-trips by motorcycle and clocked in 1000 000 miles behind the handlebars.
Tiffany"Tiff" Coates had on the outset planned to do a four month trip travelling by her second hand BMW R80 GS but picked up the travel bug along the way and just kept going, her trusty GS has now clocked more than 211 000 miles.
Peter & Kay Forwood has travelled through every country in the world recognized by the UN on their Harley Davidsson Electra Glide purchased new in 1994.
They have ridden 610 000 kms on that very same bike!
With a $25 a day budget Rene Cormier spent five years travelling through 41 countries covering 154 000 kms.

For me the most interesting part of the DVD was without a doubt the interview with Peter & Kay, had I based the rating solely on that feature this would get a solid 10/10.
In a matter of fact kind of way they tell about crossing war zones like the war-torn Congo where because of the road conditions Kay who was the pillion passenger pretty much walked through the whole country.
It's still absolutely amazing what they managed to do on a Harley with road tyres.

As this is basically presentations taped on Horizons Unlimited events the production isn't all that great but the sound quality is good and it's all mixed with still photos which might not sound like it's enough to keep you glued to your seat but considering these are some of the most prolific adventure bikers on the planet it is truly inspiring and a nice evenings entertainment.
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Created: 01 January 2015


Title: Investment biker
Tagline: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Author: Jim Rogers
Narrator: John McLain
Length: 15hrs 6mins
Feature: Unabridged
Review copy: Audible
Published: 9 October 2013
Language: English
Rating: helmet bluehelmet bluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightbluehelmet lightblue

This audiobook was definitely not for me.
First of all the narrator kind of draws out every word as he finishes a sentence like ro.oad instead of road.
It makes it a bit annoying to listen to but it doesn't really matter as no narration would be able to save this.
I almost got the feeling that Jim headed out on this journey just as an excuse to write a book about his world view and geo-polical ideas.
He fires off a plethora of pretty wild and in my view pretty outrageous ideas and I can't help feel that the scatter gun approach is just so if the off chance that one of them actually goes through he can say, I knew that would happen, I wrote it in a book.
The claim that he wants his trip to be completely serendipitous is pretty wierd as he always just happens to stumble upon people who mirrors his exact views on everything.
What are the odds of stumbling upon a soon to be capitalist in Soviet communist Siberia who that same day is resigning from the communist party?
And what exactly was Jim doing in a Moscow kindergarten where he "serendipitously" happens to meet a dissident from a labour camp who prophesied the fall of the Soviet Union?
After a few of these supposed random encounters you really start to question the credibility of this publication on anything but Jim's own views and opinions.
I finished the book although I really don't know why as I was annoyed most of the time.
I personally did not enjoy this book at all, if you are some kind of ultra-capitalist with leanings towards the very right of the policical spectrum you might find some enjoyment from this.